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ZIp Lure


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How many of you have tried the Zip lure? I used them in SD this weekend on the river and hammered the eyes with them. I caught 30-35 fish between 14" and 24". I was a little relucant when I bought them, but they sure did work great. We also iced a 10.5 lb walleye at three in the morning while dead sticking. I think the zip lure was calling in the fish with that rattle on. Whenever it got slow I would jig it like crazy and with in a coiuple minutes I would start getting taps on the lure and the bobbers would start dancing.


Have a zipp- iddy-do-day!

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I have used them for many years on the mighty mississippi. Seems like they feel the vibration with their lateral line or something.

I have tried them on some of the local lakes here,and have seen walleyes come streaking in to watch the lure,but they get bored or something and eventuly(sp)leave.

I tried them on the river that flows into little winni and they worked great for everything.

Good luck!


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I think it all depends on the mood of the fish if they are aggressive the lure works well. If they are not aggressive it does not work so well. I have used this on LOTW, RED, Winnie, and many other lakes for Crappie and walleye’s. I use the smallest one they make. They also work good bass fishing in the summer (using a slow jerk retrieval).

Hope this helps.

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I bought one (1/4 oz perch) at GanderMtn in Duluth and tried it for 1st time on sunday jigging for lakers. I didn't mark any fish but could see how it would bring them in, WoW,they really pop when jigged and I can see fish being able to feel/hear them when jigging. Looking forward to trying it for walleyes, bass and pike on the open water.

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Don't be shy, try the 1 1/4 Will-o-cats once.
They are Sumo walleye and big ol dog bite pike & muskie getters..Woof!!

And they also work darn well on cats.


Ed "Backwater Eddy" Carlson


[email protected]

[This message has been edited by Backwater Eddy (edited 02-25-2003).]

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