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VEN TWO MINNESOTANS MEET oop nort on da lake fichen.

"Crieps, cetchenenny?"
"Oofda, bittenard?"
"Vahchaoozin? Dalindyrik?"
"Oh, vachadrinkin?"
( If you can read this... you're a true Minnesotan!)

651-271-5459 http://fishingminnesota.com/millelacsguide/
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CRIPES, yous guys, I've peen talkin like dat fur years. Yous guys makin fun of us here finlanders up nort, thats not to goot of a deal der den... A true Minneasooooootan has caught a many Schmittbauers int dis here state,if ya knoooooooooooooooow what da heck i'ms talkin about.

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Jeepers cripes-a-mighty! Yous guyss better get da lingo straight once yous get nort' a Hiway #2 den or ya might be in trupple up der. Ders a automatic switch in my prain dat makes me talk Minnesotan more dan usual if I cross dat line ya know. And dats chust da vay it hasta bee. So stop at da greasy spoon and haf a hot peef sammich before you go out on da ice. It's always not too bad a deal! If ya meet up wit a strancher out der, yust ask "Well, who'er you den?" You just might take an make a new frent! Ant always share yer minnowwsss......Ant wit dis awful colt wedder, take and prink da chumper caples too den.

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I can't believe that I can decipher that stuff shocked.gif

Where I live people actually talk like that. Scares the he!! out out me. When I moved up here I thought I was in the movie Fargo smile.gif


[This message has been edited by upnorth (edited 02-10-2003).]

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I went on a trip to NYC and Washington DC a couple years back with this lodge i belong to. Well there were 5 of us from minnesota going, as well as aboot 150 other people from around the country. Well there were also quite a few southerners going on the trip too. I, as well as everyone else, thought their accents were hilarious (y'all) but when they tried telling me i had an accent, that was the last straw. There was no way i have an accent! I may be up here in da frotzen Nort, but everyone on da tv talks like i do. I had no cluuuueee vat they was talking aboot. Well the plus side was that some of the southern girls thought my so called "accent" was cute wink.gif but i still tink dey are da ones who be talking funny, dontcha' know

"They say tuna is brain food, I guess it's cuz it has so much dolphin in it and you know how smart they are"

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