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This is a great site

Reasons why:

  • Good info shared real time
  • On-site pro's with good tips
  • Available products direct
  • Statewide reports
  • Out of state reports
  • Moderators around the clock to ensure high quality and userability

Keep up the great work

[This message has been edited by cantlearn2fishinschool (edited 02-07-2003).]

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Hey guys,

I couldn't say it better myself. Although one more point comes to mind here and that's the fact that this site is addicting.

I only have one favorite bookmarked, and this is it.

Great work folks, and hats off to all the members, because they are the other main ingriedient in making this site what it is!

thanks, Westlin

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Don't forget my vote!

This is thee place to go to keep up on the latest new items. Also, the get togethers really are great ideas to get anglers together in different areas of the state and lets us put faces with "handles".

This place is almost as good as trying before you buy, with all the reviews on the most popular gear and tackle that has come out. I know I check here first before I buy something, and also before I head to a lake...Makes it easy to see if it's worth going and what I can expect when I get there. smile.gif

all I can say is WOW! great job everyone!

"sought da' fish?"

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Yeah no kidding grin.gif

I haven't found anywhere else that gives regional specific updates and has at least one member that either lives in the area or frequents it as much as these guys do.

Talk about diversity!!! Don't forget the work they put into constantly upgrading to ensure quick and efficient userability.

High fives for all the folks here..and that includes the Moderators and Field Staff guys as well!

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Hey chalk another tally on this one!

Just ask my wife where I spend my time....She'll tell ya.

I encouraged her to join too, she likes to fish, but you know then we would have to get another computer and an additional phone line!

Hey, that gives me an idea....

Great site everyone. smile.gif

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Hey Hawgtime!
None of my business; but I'm curious what you do at the Strib?.... Of course now I had to check your profile. And if I was to make a wild guess I'd say you review movies. Cool! Anyway, the e-mail address made me curious. Later sir!


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Add me to the addicted list. I usually do a morning and evening check of the site. I enjoy the information that is shared, the occassional ribbing of fellow members, the products that are sold, and the people I have met. I have told others and will continue to advertise the site to any outdoors enthusiasts I come in contact with.

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