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OK. I’ve read several discussions about MN regulations that don’t seem 100% clear. Here are some questions to ponder (Some are more Philosophical than others) . Feel free to state the regulation that applies…

1. If I catch a hybrid (LMxSMBass) during the month of October, can I keep it?
2. Is jug fishing considered using an unattended line?
3. Can I use fish from a pet store for bait (other than goldfish?) Things like glass catfish, neon tetras, gouramis etc..
4. If I am reeling in a crappie, and a Northern Pike chomps on and doesn’t release until it is in the boat, can I keep it (in season)?
5. If I catch a deformed Northern Pike that has 2 bodies and 1 head, how does it count for my possession limit? Can I filet and transport both bodies?
6. If it is stated that a particular species is supposed to be “immediately released”, can I take the time to photograph it?
7. When is it legal to keep a fish that is hooked somewhere other than the mouth?

That is all for now.
I’m off to go fishing in the McGregor Area.

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I'll try to answer what I can:

1. I didn't think that was possible.. Hybrid muskies and sunnies are common, and the rarer "Saugeye" I've heard of... I've never heard of a SM/LM mix before.

2. Yes. Juglines, trotlines, branch lines, fish traps, and noodling are all Illegal in Minnesota. Keep it to using a rod and reel and you shouldn't run into any problems.

3. No. Those are all classified as "exotic" species and releasing them or using them for bait in any Minnesota water is unlawful. Plus.. I couldn't see much biting on those invisible atfish; and it'd be quite expensive..

4. Yes. The incidental carch was still caught on hook and line. Bullheads and cats will often hang on to nightcrawlers even if the hook comes out, and you will catch them this way, without a hook in the mouth!

5. Ummm... why in the world would you want to keep a Minesota river fish like that anyways. grin.gif j/k Again.. up to the Largemouth and Smallie hybrid: I don't think you will have to worry about this during your lifetime.. I hope I don't atleast...

6. hmmn.. good question.. I honestly would let a CO answer that one..

7. Well you can't purposely "snag fish" in Minnesota like you can in some other states for carp and paddlefish and such.. however accidental snaggings do occur. If you are fishing something like stick baits with mutiple trebles on it this will happen all the time. As long as your not purposely snag fishing, I don't think there are restrcitions....

These are given from my understanding and interpreation of the laws... I usually througly read the book every year, but I'm sure some of my intrepretations could be wrong. Hope it gives you a few ideas atleast...

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Way to go Crawlerman!
Nels, a two bodied Pike? I would put it in an aquarium and charge big bucks for others to see. They would come for miles....
#6. It is my understanding that you can take a photo provided you do it quickly. I believe this is for people wanting to put the fish in their livewell for a while and then release it later. I'm not 100% sure on this.

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There is a photo of a 2 bodied Pike at one of the local "brag boards" in a store. I did a triple-take when I saw it.

Follow up to the jug fishing question. If I did it on the ice, what would be the difference between that and a large bobber or tip-up?

And please quote specifics from the regulation book if you can.....

[This message has been edited by Nels (edited 02-06-2003).]

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I've got a picture in my email box of the Siamese Pike caught by my friend's brother.

He caught it on the Ottertail River by Whapeton.

Let me know if you want me to send it to you.

Nels, you're the first person (other than my brother, Nels), I've seen with the name, Nels!

Are you a Swede or Norski?


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Chells...we've got that same picture here at the store...emailed to us...(I'm sure it is the same fish...same location)

It certainly is an oddity!

Northeast Outfitters
915 Hwy 29 N NE
Alexandria, MN 56308
(320) 763-9598

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I've seen that photo. Looks to me like one pike tucked up under the gill plate of the other.
Chell's, are you sure this was actually one fish? Did you see it? Did he have it preserved?

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My bet would be that, if one actually did catch the fabled one-headed-two-bodied pike and kept it, it would count as two fish, since you'd get four fillets off it.

And I also believe that, regarding No. 6, no C.O. is going to ticket you for taking a pic of a fish before letting her go, so long as it's done quickly and with care taken to handle the fish gently.

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