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Modeators! Problem with wanted forum


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The Wanted Forum is a "read only". You have to leave your email address, phone # or else in your posting, and people has to contact you through that.

It's made to don't use a lot of bandwidth with server and load up system with huge traffic.

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Well, bigg, more bandwidth costs more money, and by including an e-mail address in the post it allows all those price and other negotiations to go on "off the air," as it were. This way is almost identical to a classified ad in a newspaper, where the ad is all you see and you have to contact the seller personally. Also, e-mail was the most common way to negotiate that used equipment forum before the change, so it's not really much of a change. grin.gif

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what if we got rid of employment opportunities and just had wanted items. This isn't exactly the "labor ready" HSOforum. if you take a look at it right now 3/4 of the threads are employment oriented.
Alright,I'll shut up about it. Just that complainer in me.

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This needs to be this way otherwise it makes it really easy for someone to sell something for greater than $250. It says right at the top of the page that you must leave your info and I am sorry but some people just don't take the time to read. I have even posted and FYI message in there as extra notice.

Come on people if you are looking for something, why wouldn't you at least leave an e-mail address?? I can see not wanting to leave a phone number, but if you were to place an ad in the paper wouldn't you leave some sort of contact info?? Don't post stuff without contact info!!

Sorry just had to vent I have seen SO MANY ads posted there in the past couple weeks that didn't have any contact info.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • yea that place is awesome!!!   been years since I was there...  maybe a road trip and stop at Bongards too!!!  
    • We actually hardly buy any of the candy, but they have so much other good stuff like the Pies, apple bread, canned and jar pickled stuff, hot sauces etc. 😋
    • I drive by that candy barn all the time its crazy how busy it always is. Ive lived not 5 miles from it for 49 years. Been there once.
    • I'm game to try anything but yeah, I'm not into a lot of fruit or sweety meats.  Plus we made our one trip a year down to the Big yellow candy store already this year. 😋
    • 🙄yea you lost me when you mentioned honey!!!!!! and honestly i'm not a fan of all those "extra"ingredients in my meats.....especially that high temp cheese......yucky!!!!   plantenbergs has all kinds of that type of stuff.......i pass, only get plain sausage and brats.   iffin i was still on the union payroll i would take ya up on that as i travelled through belle plaine on my way back from siouxfalls now and then!!!!! now that i'm on a srick budget......thats a long way to go fer a weinie!!!!!🤣
    • Take a trip down to Belle Plaine. I'll show you some good hot dogs.   Just made Minnesota style summer sausage (blueberries wild rice and honey) for thew first time today.     
    • i've lived in Richmond and now cold spring all my life. my brother ordered a half of beef from this place called Homegrown meats , had never heard of it. know why now, when i picked it up it was established in 2020.  its just south of browns lake at the intersection of 22 and cty rd 43.  nice little place.   he called both Plantenbergs and breagelmans in Richmond........they are 6 months out. Breagelmans actually referred my brother to this place.  he said it was cheaper also!!!!!   i'll be taking some venny trimmings to Mcdonalds in 2 weeks for summer sausage and sticks!!!!!   plantenbergs will get the rest for bologna and hot dogs!!!!! you cant eat other bologna or weiners once you've had theirs!  mcdonalds SS and sticks are also topof the line as far as i'm concerned!
    • Which one?  I've been trying them all around the cloud.  Just had Elk burgers from McDonald's Clear lake last week and Bison tonight.  
    • Burgers from a new butcher shop.👍 good flavor 
    • The big pogo stick front shocks took a little getting used too.  
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