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lures and jigs


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what are the best lures and jigs to use for perch and walleye or just any fish for that fact. i like to use live minnows on tip ups. sometimes i like to jig but dont really know how or what to select. the tackle shops around here dont specialize in ice tackle due to such a short or no season at all. since its a hit and miss season they dont stock much other than that green stuff in a jar.

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MIckles, welcome. Where you from?

You've asked a very basic question. People have written books explaining the question you've asked.

Here goes a very simple reply: Up here in the north country (MN, WI), there are two basic types of ice fishg jigging lures most guys use. Swimming lures, like Jigging Rapalas, Nils Master Jiggers and their like. And jigging spoons, like Swedish Pimples, Angel Eyes and Northland Buckshot Rattle Spoons. There are many, many types of both these basic categories.

All these come in a variety of sizes, smaller ones for perch, larger ones for 'eyes, some even larger for pike and lake trout. Most folks tip the treble hook with a whole minnow or minnow head for either species, or minnow head, perch eye or waxworms for perch.

Perch also respond to smaller leadhead jigs like Genz Worms and many other styles, when packed with waxies. Such things work well or bluegills, too.

Check a Cabela's catalog for these items. There is excellent tackle offered for sale through FM.com, as well, though not a tremendous variety of lures yet. Angel Eyes can be had here (for more on AEs, look around here for posts about them).

In states where more than one line is legal (three in WI, two in MN, four in N.D.), I run two holes in my Fish Trap II, one with a bobber and minnow, one with a jigging lure, and a tip-up outside farther away.

Good luck.

"I've driven farther before to catch fewer fish . . ."
Steve Foss
[email protected]

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mid eastern pennsylvania, i thought id ask the people who know what ice fishing is all about.

here you can use up to five devices with no more than two being rods. depending on the weather ill fish three tips and two rods out of my clam. when its nice and im lazy i use five tips but always have a rod ready for when they decide to come alive

thanks for your reply

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