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No such thing as too much caution on ice!


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Due to the recent and yet ongoing tragedy of the loss of a young man through the ice on a snowmobile here on the Red River. I am compelled to again caution people to use EXTREAM caution on rivers and lakes this season.

On rivers sledding is popular and often very safe if you fallow some rules.

1- Stay clear of bridges. Ice near bridges is often thin due to faster more focused flows and salt run off from the roadway. A rule of thumb is the river will run the easiest rout and therefore avoid those paths under bridges.

2- Stay far away from above and below any dams or riffles on rivers. The high amount of turbulence will NEVER allow safe ice to form in these areas. Thin ice may extend several hundred yards below a dam or above a dam. Know where these areas are ahead of time!

3- Never assume anything on ice. Just because you see other track on the ice does not mean the conditions NOW will hold you up. Assumptions will kill you!

4- When sledding or fishing keep in eyeshot of your companions. Know where everyone is, do a buddy system, your buddy may save your life. I would recommend every sled have a throw rope handy as would I ice fisherman. Tie a large loop on each end big enough to slip around a body or wrap around an object quickly. Let others know where you go.

Be safe folks. Winter can be fun, yet it also has its potential dangers.

No amount of ice safety is too much safety.

Thank you,

Ed “Backwater Eddy” Carlson


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I don't think playing around of any kind on a river is ever remotely safe during ice. If a guy goes sledding and doesn't go through somewhere then I would call it LUCKY. Then again, I am one of those guys that wouldn't ice fish a river even if they were jumping out of the holes into my bucket. Current + ice = disaster, maybe not on this trip but eventually it'll get ya

start stirrin' grin.gif

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Just heard on KFGO that they are looking for help on the river to find the teenager. I missed part of it but I think they wanted some more underwater cameras and maybe some people to help. The phone # 241-5800 {didn’t get the area code but would think 701} which is the sheriffs department if you want to help or see what they need.
I would think they should have another update on KFGO 790 AM.
Ice is never safe!
My condolences go out to the family of their lost son.

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I'm with Chrio, my buddy says he nails em down by Bayport. He always asks me if I want to go but I stay off the river ice thing, even if they are jumping in my bucket pre-filleted. I like the lakes better.


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Just to make sure my comments are not taken the wrong way...nothing changes the fact that I am very sorry for this young mans death and my condolences go out to his loved ones.

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