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WOW! 11.5 seconds to drill 3 holes


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Just came back from the 1st Annual Power Auger Championship ar Breezy Point.

The fastest auger was a modified Stihl chain saw converted into a power auger. He was able to start the engine and drill 3 holes in succession for a AMAZING TIME OF 11.5 SECONDS. (The ice was approx. 18 inches)

The fastest stock auger was a Strike Master 2hp Lazer Mag (LM-8) They took 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

They also had radar runs for snowmobiles. fastest time I saw was 161+ mph. Now that is fast.

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Here's an idea. build a super auger using a pancake motor like a VW aircooled opposed four cylinder, and a 16 inch cut. It would take two or four guys to hold it but it would cut ice . With the added weight it would really cut ice.

They could also use Big Dippers and have a slush clearing contest.

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I was up there also, I ran a italian made 11,500 rpm engine with a eskimo gear case and a homemade 5 blade bit.
I took home a 2nd place thophy in the modified class.
3 holes, 20" ice 17 sec.
there was a lot of people, and lots of fun!!!
I"ll see you there next year.

Eat fish, wake up smellin fishy

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Hi. Does anyone have any pictures of the competition or their souped up augers? I opened up my mouth to the hubby and now of course he wants to make one. Let me know and I will give an e-mail address.




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