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Angel Eye/Angel Eye Jr.


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Are the Jr.'s just smaller? Which one works better for walleye's? Do you tie them right to your line or do you want to have a swivel on there?

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The Jr is smaller but much the same.

The big Angel Eye has a split ring on
top and bottom and the treble hooks can
really make a racket when you get aggressive
with it. You could use a swivel with it
but it is not necessary. You will see it
unwind when you pull it out of the water, but
it's not too bad.

Walleyes love em both. You can cut down on
the number of small fish you catch by using
the big one. With the AEs you need to think
big. Crappies and Perch smash the Jr and it
appears to be twice a big as a bait for
Crappies and Perch SHOULD be.

It's just the darndest thing

Curt Quesnell

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I have been nailin the crappies with the AE Jr. glow pink and white. For some reason I thought the AE would be smaller than they were when I got them. I havent tried the regular AE's but maybe I will at Mille Lacs this weekend, they just seem so big.


THey are great lures, the more I fish with em the better I get. I like to put a med. fathead on through the lips and let it sit ON the bottom, let that minnow struggle and churm up the bottom....wham slab on!!. I assume the same will work for walleye but them eye's seem to be slowin down quite a bit for me. I was a skeptic....cant tell you how many miracle lures I have bought, but the AE are the real deal. Gotta get me some glow devils as well they look sweet.


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Biggun's try closer to $3 each when purchased locally - If you can find them. Many places have sold out.

I highly recommend the Regular Angel Eyes for walleyes, perch & pike and Angel Eye Jr's regular for Perch, Walleye, and slab Crappies.

You can see and/or order the Angel Eye JR's regular by clicking here or

Call Toll Free 1-866-523-0980.

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  • we are 'the leading edge' HSO Creators

The regular Angel Eyes are sent with 6 spoons and over 2" long.

The Angel Eye Jr's are sent with 12 spoons and under 2".

The exact specs were given by Jeff Beckwith in the other Angel Eye Thread.

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