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three hole fishing spot

crappie todd

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The question of another hole for yer transducer has come up. You can tell where I have been. looks like the one, two three, bowling pin spot. SOme time three holes but normally two.
I do cut another hole right next to the hole I fish for my transducer.
This prevents tangling with the transducer. Works so well, I have cut out all my cussing and swearing at my transducer entanglement issue when I pull in the slab sided beefy crappie. But I have done this for many years.
So, I have found other reasons to cuss and swear while fishing. Like last evening on Knife lake. that darned dog wouldn't leave me and my fish alone.....
Crappie Todd....... ( Crappies, Inc )

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Ditto with the 3-hole approach. I use the Fish Trap Voyager and almost always have three holes. Mine are pretty much in a straight line though.

What made me respond to your post was a slight dog problem I had yesterday. Fishing near a couple other anglers, their dog would try to get into my truck everytime I opened the door, had it's face in my minnow bucket, checking out my fish, and just a plain nuisance.

All the while they kept trying to control him by saying "Walter"! I must of heard this about 20 times, as the dog pestered me. The dog wouldn't listen to them. Nice dog though. Just nosey.

Then one time the dog responded and went back to where he was supposed to be and one of the kids said "I wish he would listen like that at home". I just about fell over. They were impressed with his obedience!

We did, by the way, catch some nice crappies with the largest going over 14 inches. That was the best part.

Tight lines.....GC

Jaw Breaker Guide Service
Phone: 218 778-0087
[email protected]

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I was on Devils Lake (N.D.) a few years back, and after searching for those jumbo perch most of the day, finally found an active pod about 2 p.m. Pretty soon there was a stack of perch on the ice inside my Trap II.

Heard a pickup pull up about 50 yard away but was too busy fishing to pay much attention. Few minutes later I heard this wet munching sound, and I opened the Trap to find this big ole Lab chewing up one of my perch. A couple had wiggled their way under the Trap to the outside.

Soon as the pickup driver saw my Trap flip open, he looked over and yelled at his dog. Guess that's one way to cut the cost of dog food, if you've got a fish-loving dog. Just take him on the ice and turn him loose. Bet those bones and scales hurt on the way out, though. wink.gif

It was good for a laugh that day, anyway. grin.gif

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I used to have a black lab that loved northerns,she would eat the tail section first,then eat the heads and leave the rest.
She could eat 5-6 of them while I fished.Did not have to feed her for a day of two afterwards.
I miss that dog.

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I just had my lab out last night and he was digging up all kinds of frozen perch on the ice and eating them. At least they didn't go to waste. I always throw the perch I catch back. I hope he passes them bones without too much difficulty.lol

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I was on Knife Lake this evening....And that dog was visiting me as well....

He didn't get my Crappies though....Nice fish out of that lake....


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