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? about catching fish on different lakes

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If I went up to Millie lacs for the weekend with some buddies and stayed out in their perminant, but say one day I went over to a different local lake to do some crappie fishing and I hooked a 20" eye. How can I keep this fish and the crappies, and still go back out on Mille Lacs to the perminant. I know the crappies won't be a problem, but how do I explain to the CO that I caught the eye on a different lake?

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leave the eye on the ice for the gulls smile.gif

Usually when this happens i go to the lake with the slot first if i can. but if your just talking about one fish let er go, if you need it, maybe stash it in the woods nearby before headin out to the lake. when you leave stop by the woods n pick em up wink.gif. is that legal?

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"walleye must be undressed while on experimental or special regulation waters."
DNR fishing regs, pg. 25

DO NOT bring fileted fish on the ice, you will be in violation of the law. The best thing to do is to ask the the operators of the access you use if they can provide storage for the fish.

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Spike has it right. Dont bring the wrong
sized Walleye out onto the ice. You can
leave them on shore.

The same thing happens on Red Lake when
Fishers double dip and fish Lake of the
Woods for Walleyes and stop at Red Lake to
fish the night bite for Crappies. You can
have any Walleyes at all on Red so the LOW
catch must be left on shore.

Curt Quesnell

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