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Navionics '08 HotMaps North!

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Lets start to the East. Michigan gets as NEW HD Lakes for 2008

Big Bay De Noc (Lake Michigan)

Cisco Lake

Fishhawk Lake

Glen Lake


Lindsley Lake

Little Bay De Noc

Little Glen Lake

Long Lake

Morley Lake

Portage Lake

Thousand Island Lake

West Arm Grand Traverse Bay

Big Lake

East Bay Lake

Mamie Lake

West Bay Lake

These are in addition to the '07 HD Lakes


Arbutus Lake

Bellaire Lake

Big Platte Lake

Black Lake

Bond falls Flowage

Brevoort Lake

Burt Lake


Chippewa Lake

Crooked Lake

Crystal Lake

Douglas Lake

Duck Lake

Elk Lake

Fletcher Pond


Grand Lake

Green Lake

Gulliver Lake

Gun Lake

Hamlin Lake

Higgins Lake

Houghton Lake

Hubbard Lake

Indian Lake

Long Lake

Manistee Lake

Mcdonald Lake


Michigamme Reservoir

Millecoquins Lake


Mullett Lake

Muskegon Lake


Portage Lake

Silver Lake


South Manistique Lake

Spider Lake

Torch Lake

Walloon Lake

Manistique Lake

Lac Vieux Desert

The total is 62 HD Survey Lakes in MI...Exclusive to Navionics

Total MI Lakes on the chart with fishing detail is about 2300!

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[email protected] you Jeff!!! Just list them brother!!! Will you guys be doing the trade in program again?.. or would it just be best for us to sell out 1 year old chips and then buy the new ones.. LOL

Yup. $50 for your older Navionics chart for the '08 version. Here are the details. The mailer should be available from your favorite dealer.


If you can get $50 or more, sell it!

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Any new MN info? Lot's of folks will be interested in buying at the St. Paul Ice Show if release is soon!


Good Question

New in HD for 2008 for MN


Big Watab Lake


Cass Lake

Cedar Lake

Clearwater Lake



Ida Lake

Lake Le Homme Dieu




Otter Tail Lake

Pelican Lake

Red Lake (Upper & Lower)

Sugar Lake

The following HD Lakes have been updated for MN for '08

Gull Lake

Leech Lake

Mille Lacs Lake

Minnetonka Lake

Add these to the '07 HD Lakes

Aitkin Lake


Arrowhead Lake

Bald Eagle Lake

Bertha Lake

Big Cutfoot Sioux

Big Marine Lake

Big Sandy Lake

Big Trout Lake

Chisago Lake

Clam Shell Lake

Clear Lake

Coon Lake

Cross Lake

Daggett Lake

East Rush Lake



Fish Trap Lake

Forest Lake

Green Lake

Ham Lake


Island Lake

Island Lake


Kabetogama Lake

Lake De Montreville

Lindstrom Lake North-Chisago Chain

Lindstrom Lake South-Chisago Chain

Linwood Lake

Little Pine Lake

Lower Hay Lake

Lower Prior Lake


Martin Lake

Moosehead Lake

Nisswa Lake

North Centre Lake

North Long Lake


Pelican Lake

Pelican Lake


Pokegama Lake

Round Lake

Roy Lake

Rush Lake

Shamineau Lake

Silver Lake

South Centre Lake

Sturgeon Lake

Upper Gull Lake

Upper Hay Lake

Upper Prior Lake

Vermilion Lake


West Rush Lake

White Bear Lake

Whitefish Lake


Woman Lake

Little Spirit Lake

Big Stone Lake

Mississippi River-Pool 4

Mississippi River-Pool 8

Saint Croix River

In Total, 84 HD lake surveys for 2008.

Total MN Lakes with fishing info=2550

Also, we added secondary roads and guide/pro input on a number of lakes.

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Holy Buckets! Two things really caught my eye; I fish many of the updated lakes like Mille Lacs, and the addition of the secondary roads will be great!

On an unrelated note, I like your hats too, fit my head great and they look sharp. Mine's getting ugly from being blown off into the Miss. River one too many times. I'll have to pick one up next time I see them around.

Thanks for the information Jeff!


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Upper and Lower Red in HD? What good does that do us? wink.gif Just kiddin of course.

I pretty much only run Navionics in my boat. An outstanding product!

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Upper and Lower Red in HD? What good does that do us?
Just kiddin of course.


I got to take a peak at the Upper Red map and it is gonna floor ya. Many things us locals have never talked about are on the map. Points, bars sunken islands bumps and humps all clearly defined. They did a good job on this one.

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Which cedar and clearwater lakes are the new ones of? Is it clearwater in Wright co.? Looks like a great bunch of maps.


What MN counties are the HD Pelican Lakes in?

I'm crossing my fingers for Grant.

Included in the HD Lakes on the new '08 chip:

Cedar - Wright Co.

Clearwater - Wright Co.

Pelican - St. Louis Co.

Pelican - Crow Wing Co.

Pelican - Grant Co.

Looks like you guys get your Christmas wishes. I got my '08 chip early last Friday morning at the Cabela's Black Friday sale.

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Great News , Just received my North Map Cabelas and I am Backordered on the east till:

1 of 01-9514 HOTMAPS PREMIUM '08 SD EAST

Backorder-Tentative arrival to Cabelas 01/30/08

So now we know, 1st it said 12/31/2008 , but thats always good to know!

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I installed my new 2008 Navionics chip in the H20c, and fired it up for the first time this morning. Nice job on this one, to Jeff and the crew at Navionics.There are a few lesser known lakes on there in the SE MN section that are in pretty good detail,and that really suprised me.Looking forward to using this chip on the ice/water.

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Just curious if Saganaga is on the list of lakes to be plotted. Size wise she's a biggun, even though she doesn't see much for traffic. I know a lot of people would jump on it to find the honey holes as well as to avoid those lower unit destroying sunken islands and reefs.

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Looks like alot new "stuff", what if anything is new for us ol boys in Iowa? Thanks in advance.


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Make sure the adapter wiring matches the diagram on the cover of your female plug-in on your truck too.  Some use the center pin for backup lights,  yet others it is an auxiliary.  Also make sure that the lobe on the male is lining up with the lobe on the female plug-in too.
    • Trailer, one side, brake and turns dont work, same wire, same bulb filament.  Sounds like a ground problem.  With other tow vehicles its ok.  Are these 7 pin to 4s?  Could be the wrong adapter?  Not all 7 to 4 pins are the same.  Sometimes too that bad ground seeks its path through the hitch.  
    • Wrapping up the ice fishing after tomorrow. I’ve never owned a propane auger before this one and the one I have was bought used. Any storage tips?  
    • They are probably wired differently. I’ve seen this happen.    Actually I had a brand new 2015 Silverado 2500 diesel issued to me as a company vehicle and had issues galore with the factory wiring and the gooseneck trailer I was pulling. It was the biggest nightmare I’ve ever had and it was all with the factory Chevy wiring and integrated brake controller.   
    • Not the best time of year to be laying in the cold and slop under a truck tracking down wires but I have done that as well. Sounds like you then need to track down the yellow wire on the truck and see where it may be corroded and shorted somewhere.  
    • Thanks for the response leech. I purchased an adapter similar to that one with the test lights. Both trailers I tried are almost new and both have LEDS. All work great with Moms SUV and Dads truck. I’m thinking it has to be somthing corroded or a broken wire on the truck end. But figuring that out is out of my reach.
    • Sounds like it may be a bad harness on the trailer it's self.  Get one of these and test the truck again. If all works it's time to fix or replace the trailer harness. I've done both on the 5 different snowmobile trailers I have had over the years. It could just be a bad corroded or shorted rear light fixture on that one side or a shorted wire on that side.   ATB 16687 Truck Trailer Vehicle Plug Tester 7 Round Blade 4 Pin Wire Light Brake RV Tow  
    • I know this forum gets very little people now days but maybe someone could help me out. So I purchased my self a new ( to me) 2000 Silverado 1500 back in August. Be mindful this is my first truck/vehicle. So I tow often ( boat, snowmobiles, atvs, kayak). But the guy I bought it from had said all trailer lighting works great. So I didn’t think much of it. Well a few weeks after I bought it I hooked up a trailer to try the lights.... well. All running lights work perfect, but, no drivers side signal or brake light, passenger side brake light and signal work great. I have tried 3 different trailers and have tried them on 2 other vehicles everything works great. So first thought is Check fuses right? So it was in at a Chevy dealer getting some work done so I had them cheak it out. Fuses all look good and they told me all trailer lights work perfect. So I thought well maybe my 7 pin to 4 flat adapter was bad. I bought a new one of those and tried again. I got one with the test lights on it and sure enough all lights worked great UNTIL I hooked up a trailer. When I did this it kicked out the drivers side brake light and signal on the trailer. At this point I’m feed up with this issue and I’m to worried about getting nailed so I only tow a little ways from home. Anyone have any thoughts on what this could be? I was thinking maybe a bad ground on truck? But how would you know? And also this truck has spent it entire life in Florida until last May so this is the first winter in MN. But it shouldn’t matter since I tried the lights back in the end of August. Thanks a lot!
    • So reviving a dead thread ..

      The "park switch" may be the cause of the parasitic draw on some of the console equipped models, 
      it's an inexpensive switch that sends a shutdown signal to the BCM. When it goes bad the dash lights do not shut off and it drains the battery. 
      Fords fix is to replace the whole shifter assembly at around $650.00, they do not sell just the switch. 
      Here is the replacement switch with an more detailed explanation of why it happens.

      Its under e bay listing 292931561061