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once it cools down you could always use the fan to blow warm air up from the warm basement. It would help save on heating costs!!! Low and behold there was a year-round use for this fan! I am sure others didn't realize it before it was left at those GPS cords!!!

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I know it says to read and save them, but if anyone needs a refresher:

My favorite: 'Disconnect fan when moving from one location to another.'

"Man, is it hot! I should keep this baby blowin' on me wherever I go... Uh, hon, could you get out that 500 foot extension cord, please?"

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Ok you are not going to believe this. But today i went out to the front of my house and on my steps is a 20 inch box fan, the front cover is off and there are only 3 blades left out of 4, the cord has no end it it and it looks like its been to hell and back.. So i left it sit there on my front steps. Then i stumbled onto this thread and just read all this about a box fan.. I have to say this is quite funny, has the box fan returned?

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No stickers but it does have a nice dent on the right side, oh and it doesn't have a handle either.. But i do have some stickers here i can put on..


1. a unicorn with a rainbow

2. Gundogsonline sticker

3. He-man sticker

4. dafty duck sticker

5. Vikings sticker

6. paintball stickers, i play paintball

7. Silly cowboys jeeps are for cowgirls sticker

8. price tag of 2.99

9. Don't use in water, from a hair dryer sticker

any sounds interesting?

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So Kallista, are you hanging on to the fan, or is up for grabs. I was just near Ely this past weekend, could have picked it up. If it's still around during deer season, I might still be interested.

Please don't put any stickers on it. I think I'll try and restore the 20" box fan to like-new condition.


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Nope its gone..I left it on my front steps and it walked off. Not sure who put it there but maybe they took it back? So the case of the 20 inch box fan is once again a mystery.

But i still have stickers up for grabs.. Just really weird it was there tho..

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Was passing the time on Main street here at Lake Iwanttobethere. I was doing some window shopping when I noticed a pale weathered orange VW van slowly driving down main street in my direction. It was all done up in painted flowers and green leaves. It reminded me a lot of my long forgotten past youth. It caught my attention not because of the loud muffler or the vast number of bumper stickers and other stickers which were covering rust spots. But it was what was in the back window as it passed me. There appeared to be a 20 inch box fan pressed up against the glass, it was missing a blade and it sent a chill down my back as I could almost hear it crying out for help. I turn to see if anyone else had seen the van and by the time I turned back it was just making a turn off main street and was gone from sight. Somehow I got that gut feeling that the fan was in some sort of trouble. I soon forgot about it till I saw mention here about a 20 inch box fan. Hmmm

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