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Impulse buy...

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I can't believe I just did that... The Wife was out playing cards last night as I was hangin with the kids. They were actually watching the Incredibles as I paged through an outfitter magazine. Got the urge, itch, whatever you want to call it and called and dropped 258.00 on a new 7 ft g loomis Med action spinning rod and phlueger reel... I have two other Loomis rods and I guess this just means I'm addicted. Did I really need it... probably not. But justifiably speaking it is a better purchase than those made at purse parties. Also ordered some 8 lb fireline crystal.... just because. grin.gif

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Can you put a clause in the will that leaves it to me when your wife kills you??? I just about bought the farm when the wife found a receipt for $160 for a new St. Croix so I learned my lesson.

The lesson of course is "destroy your receipts" grin.gif

She never found out about the Quantum Pro Tour Signature Series KVD spinnerbait rod and Quantum PT Tour Edition burner reel.

I wonder what I have never found out about????? ooo.gif

Daze Off

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My wife has a huge walkin closet... well I get one small rack off it grin.gif.... full of clothes, shoes, and whatever else they wear.... we never say nothing to eachother about purchases, as long as we pay our bills at the end of the month

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Isnt this a fact. SO true.

If us guys go out and buy something, bring it home, whats the first thing they say to us "WHY U BUY THAT!!"

but if there out there, and they go out and buy something, and when they get home and we see them with it, what happens then.


Its not a win win situations, your always going to lose no matter what we are out there buying.

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