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Wayne Ek

New tackle question

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There are two new items out that interest me. Northland Tackle came out with the Sling-Shot worm weight. Has anyone played with them yet. And if so what did you think. I have just seen them and I can think of a couple of great applications, like Bro Deitz's "stupid rig".

The second one is a new drop-shot hook that came out last year called the Stand-out hook, by of course Stand-Out. I could not find any late last season to try. They really look interesting. The only negative I see is that they would be completely application specific (drop-shot). Anyone try these last season?

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Hellabass, do you think that might be the Lords way of telling you it's time to reorganize your tackle smirk.gif

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Hi Wayne -

The Sling Shot Weights are slick man. Really an ingenious deal.

Basically, they are something like a rubbercore sinker, but the line goes through the rubber dumbell deal. So they can slide like a slip sinker on line...but if you want to fix the sinker in place, you just grab the ends of the rubber, pull it a little and give it a twist - and it's locked in place. Great thing is you can peg a sinker without dorking around with rubber pegs or threaders, and it won't chew up the head of your plastic like a screw-in weight.

What's REALLY cool, I think, is you can change weights without retying. Just pull the sinker off the rubber and put a different size on. Nice if you're spot hopping, and fishing a 15' weedline on one spot and a 4' bed of rushes the next.

Obviously they'll work for Texas rigging, but I can see them being good with a split-shot rig (I used to use Water Gremlin Bull Shot for this but these will be easier and won't chew up the line) and as a drop-shot weight too.

Not often you look a sinker and say "wow, cool..." but I did when John showed me these at ICAST last summer.


Rob Kimm

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I have not used them yet but I have the stand-outs and they are a neat idea but the problem I have with them is every hook in the package is dull. Not just kinda dull, I mean extremly dull. All of the points are either rolled over or flat. I know you will get a few here and there and I have no problem sharpening them but 100% of them gets kinda rediculus. All I have to say is examine before you buy.

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Hellabass, do you think that might be the Lords way of telling you it's time to reorganize your tackle

Or he could be telling me that they don't work that well.... shocked.gif

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