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Best light weight auger?

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Looking to to replace an old Jiffy auger with somekind of lightweight model. Living in Nebraska I haven't needed the gas auger the last few years. Which model and where can I get a good deal? Looked at Scheels on Sunday and they were out. thanks....

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I'll echo that and say Nils and if your ice is reasonable you can leave the powerhead off and use it as a handbomber .


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I'd go with the srikemaster mag. Right now you can pick them on sale for around $250-$275 or if you want to spend %500 then go with the nils.

Only difference is nils cuts a second or two faster and a couple pounds lighter. Spare blades for the nils also cost close to $100.

Hope this helps.

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I've been using a StrikeMaster Mag since the late 80's. That was when most guys where drilling by hand. Its been a good auger and IMO still is. This year I got a Nils. Let me compare it to driving and old truck. Its reliable meaning it gets you from point A to point B. Looks God awful and the ride itn't that great, the wind whistling in through the window seals is bearable, but it still does what its supposed to. Then one day you drive a new truck, its got all the bells and whistles. Nice ride, handles well, quite and you like it, a lot. Who wouldn't? Guess what its going to cost more too to have all the extras.

So lets look at a few things.

The Nils cuts fast and effortless, faster then any other auger. Thats nice but is really that important.

The Nils is light, lighter then any other auger. Thats nice but is it really that important.

The Nils doesn't need and extension, so if the ice is thick or your drilling through a wheel house your good to go. Thats nice but is it really that important.

The Nils has narrow handles, nice for drilling in shacks when your drilling up against a wall or in a corner. That nice but is it really that important.

The Nils uses a Tanaka engine. Tanaka became the first two-stroke manufacturer to certify to the stringent C.A.R.B. Tier II emissions. Tanaka uses a catalytic converter in the muffler. Hardly any smoke and none of that gaging exhaust and no spitting unburnt oily soot on the walls of your shack. Thats nice but is really that important.

When you start adding it all up all the nice things it starts to become important and its all in one package,


In conclusion buy what you feel your needs are and don't get so defensive about what auger you own, its just a tool.

And I need a new truck.

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