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My wife takes 3rd place in first Tournament!!!!!

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Our local sporting goods store puts on a free "family" fishing derby every year and this year I had agreed to help out with administration and prize give aways etc. The trophy "Boy" as it were... So I guided my wife and a buddies 11 year old all day. I fished but didnt feel right about actually weighing anything (I would have lost anyway!)

But after finding a decent spot and drilling a BUNCH of holes, we got into some fish...My wife always says "I never catch anything" but she had a great day. I got her set up with the FL-18 and she pounded the perch for about 3 hours, while Levi, the kid, had his Dads Vex. He was the picture of determination all day, and while he didnt catch many, he caught a few nice fish!

When it was all over, both my "clients" each took 3rd place in their divisions.

My wife won a Buzz stick combo, a tackle box filled with stuff and a nice trophy. Best of all she got (had) to kiss the trophy boy! I am so proud of her and she just had a blast! 'Course, I think I have to buy her her own Vex or I will never get to use mine again! I think she is getting hooked on ice fishing and this didnt hurt.

It is always so darn satisfying to watch someone you love do well at something you yourself love to do...One of the best days I have ever spent on the ice...

Take someone you love fishing...and make sure you do whatever you have to do to help em catch fish...and see what I mean! grin.gif

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Good for her!!! and Congratulations to the young man as well.

What a fun day they/you all must have had on the ice. Did the weather cooperate so it was enjoyable??

Again congrats to your wife and the boy.

I ice fish every weekend. Vickie

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The weather was a BIG factor...about 35 degrees and mostly sunny all day...no wind.

AND I forgot to mention, after we got home I had to take my Dads dog to the vet...suspected broken leg but only a torn ligament, and when I got home, she had filleted ALL the fish by herself! I usually do the dirty work and she will trim em out, but she had done the whole bucket!!!

Now THATS what I call progress!! wink.gif

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Ha Ha!! I knew that was coming!!! She does Frank, but she dont even come close. It would take me years to explain why I'm one lucky lucky guy! That she likes to fish, and loves to let ME fish doesnt even scratch the surface!

I dont treat her anywhere NEAR as good as I should, but I must be doing something right from time to time, cause she has stuck with me for 25 years come this October...and she is even considering a fly in trip to a lodge in Canada for our anniversary vacation!!! (Thank you Midwest outdoors magazine T.V.!!!) grin.gif

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Good yo hear from you again!  Hope your search for property goes well and your time in stand is fruitful.
    • Nice pics jbell! That is a nice yellow garden spider you got there.
    • I had a nice size garden spider on my garage door. It stayed there about 3 weeks. Had a mate who I assume did his business and met his doom. I finally needed to open the door so I safely caught it and let it go in the woods near our house.  Her body is about an inch long. Probably about 3 inches total.       
    • 😄i have several "pet" spiders around the deck and garage. sometimes when i'm bored i swat flies with the swatter and feed them!!!!!!
    • its wierd, my cukes the stems from the ground out look like they were died and dried out but the ends were green, plenty of flowers and producing.quite frankly, i got 2 medium size boxed of cukes in the frig i need to use or give away. i know this isnt right to say, i'm getting cucumbered out.   same with the peppers, i had to look thru a jungle to find them most of the summer as the cukes exploded and basiclly covered them. i have enough peppers for what i need, froze some for chili, and have eaten my share. and again there were no small ones coming in to keep them in the ground to make it till first frost.   my tomatoes, the ones i may be pulling soon are running out of tomatoes worth while . 
    • That's too bad, did your garden get dried out at some point? You had a pretty good start to the season and had a jump on my garden.
    • I assume you burned your deck down immediately after taking these photos.
    • Never been a big fan of webspinners, but those orb weavers are cool to look at and harmless. And this is the time of year that you seem to see them.   More of a fan of Wolf and Jumping spiders myself.  
    • Cool!  Did you take a picture when you smashed it? That big som-abatch could use a 22 through it! 😘