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Dan Brelje

Fun League in Chisago Lakes Area

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I think i am going to try setting up a league/group in the chisago area this summer that fishes for fun. No money, just bragging rights. If anyone has ideas to throw out there please do!!

The main objective of this is to have a little friendly competition with no money on the line.

Thinking weeknights would be best due to boat traffic and such but if that doesn't work for most we could do weekends.

We could make it a little series and give away a trophy at the end of the year or something along those lines.

If anyone is interested please post and i could try to get this thing going.

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Did a little web searching for you. Times and lakes that you may want to avoid because of tournaments/ leagues:

June 6 - Big Marine

June 16- Green

June 26- Big Marine

July 10- N.S. Center

July 11- Green

July 14- Forest

July 24- Forest

Aug 8- Forest

Aug 12- Forest

Aug 18- Forest

Aug 21- Green

Sep 7- N.S. Center

Sep 7- Green

Sep 8- N.S. Center

Sep 8- Green

I'm sure that there are other leagues out there that I haven't listed but these are the ones that I know of. Just trying to give you a heads up so that you don't show up for a fun event only to find that the access is already full with a bunch of other bass rigs.

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thanks bullwinkle, i believe the best way to avoid most of these would be to have weeknight events.

Here is what i have thought of so far: have an event every week or every other week.. Stick to the lakes around the chisago area, bullwinkle hit most of them on his previous post..we could either have a weigh in or measure the caught fish and bring your results to a meeting point at the end of the night.

If anyone has any ideas lets hear them!!

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Dan- Tape(measure) tournaments are more PC... even more so since there will not be money on the line. I have done onew sith friends where we had to take digital picts of the fish on the cull board(measure stick). This way you could fish Chisago as well?

Dano, you build it, and they will come!. Its fun even if its only like 3 boats. I'm in as long as I am not busy that night/weekend. I vote week nights too.

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Going to start a bass league for fun this summer. It will be a Free bass league with a tournament type setting. We are going to use a tape measure format to allow us to fish catch and release lakes. The goal of this league/group is to have FUN during friendly bass competions. It will help the rookies (like myself) get a feel for competitive bass fishing for FREE.

here is what i've got so far.

-Friendly competion using tape measure format (record all fish, top 5 are the ones that count). This will allow us to fish chisago which is catch and release only.

-Have the gatherings on a weeknight, i vote either tues or thurs. Meet at the access between 5-5:30. (If it fits everyones schedule.) Designate an end time to tally up the results and share what worked and didn't work among the group.

I will be making a excel spread sheet with room for 15-20 fish for each event. The sheet will include: time,length, lure used, depth caught. We will use this setup so people can share what worked for them and see what worked for others at the end of the event.

The Rules for these events are simple.

-Anyone can come

- bump board measuring device


- events measured by boat 1 or 2 fishers

here is a temporary schedule i have set up. I tried to avoid all the tourny's that are going on that i know of.

Week of/ Lake

June 3-9 Green

June 10-16 Chisago

June 17-23 Big Marine

June 24-30 N/S Center

July 1-7 Forest

July 8-14 Chisago

July 15-21 Big marine

July 22-28 Green

July 29-4 N. Center

Aug. 5-11 S. Center

Aug 12-18 Chisago

Aug 19-25 Big marine

Aug 26-1 Green

Anyone who is interested please let me know, i am very flexible with the schedule to try and make it work for the greatest number of guys. danbrelje at yahoo

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I am interested in this league if it is a two man league. However, my fishing partner has the boat that I normally fish in and he works in the evenings. So, if anyone needs a partner send me an email.

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glad to hear your interested. This league will be judged per boat, one or two man. im sure there will be boats w/ room come closer to event time.

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to all that are interested. i have it down to two days, tuesday or wednesday. If i could get you to email me and say which ones work for you that would be great. danbrelje at yahoo (Contact Us Please). It would be nice to have which day of the week set up before the open water comes.


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Looks like tuesdays are leading the pack for the day of week.

I've recieved some pretty good ideas thus far and would like to hear new ones if anyones got some.

One i really liked was a point system that awarded an individual or boat the fun league champion. For instance, if we have an event every week that would be 15 weeks. Take your best 6-8 (can be decided later) weeks and add up your totals to see season point total. Point total champ will be crowned.

Trying to keep this league fun and just for bragging rights. If anyone else has an idea or two it would be great to hear it!!

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Open water is right around the corner, lets move this back to the top. We've got about 7-8 people pretty interested, the more we get the more fun this league will be.

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we had our first gathering last night at Green lake. It was a blast. We had 7 boats and everybody caught fish!

After the event, we all stood at the boat landing and explaied how each fish was caught. This is to help us each learn more about the lake and how to improve our angling skils. If anybody is interested in joining, we would always enjoy a few more boats to enjoy the time with us. This is all catch and release, a boat with a livewell is not needed.

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we had our first gathering last night at Green lake. It was a blast. We had 7 boats and everybody caught fish!

yeahh everybody caught fish except for me and my parnter.....-_- after sleepless last night and cant accept the fact i didnt catch any i went out this morning and catch some bass 12 to 19 inches and 70s panfishes and now i m happy! grin.gifgrin.gif

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    • Yes, its a 110v motor. I would've preferred 12v also but not a big deal since all my 110v outlets can be fed from an inverter so they are powered whether the generator is running or not. I think what you mentioned with the single shaft between them will be the ticket. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
    • When I was a kid, we came across a small flock of pigeons along a railroad track while grouse hunting. Shot three and my mom put them in a crockpot with other ingredients and, although I prefer grouse, they weren’t bad. 
    • You should get the 30 amp power cord if you don't have one already. You can use the 30 amp power cord adapter(30 amp female to 15 amp male) for home use. Otherwise when at the campground plug the 30 amp power cord into the 30 amp receptacle.  Now your set for any situation.     Your 20 amp receptacle is protecting the wire from receptacle to breaker panel. Besides running the AC, your running a refrigerator, 110v receptacles, and convertor.  A 16 gauge extension cord is no good.  
    • I had a contractor do my garage floor.  Here is the work order and quoted amount.   Work To Be Done:
      *Epoxy concrete garage floor. (784sq.ft.)
      -­‐Shot blast surface of floor.  (Work  Shop area) -­‐Light acid wash over existing floor, let dry over night.
      -­‐Apply primer coat of commercial grade epoxy. (4mil 650 Armor seal)
      -­‐Apply flakes to primer coat, 100% coverage. (4mil)
      -­‐Shop Vac. Up flakes that didn’t adhere to the floor. (Colors will be gray and red in color)
      -­‐Apply coat of clear commercial grade epoxy.  (4mil)
      -­‐Final coat of Armor seal 650-­‐sealer coat. (2mil)
      -­‐Cure time-­‐ 24 hours for foot traffic and 72 hours for vehicle traffic before use.
      Total Cost: $3,400
    • I did see Menard's had the 0 Degree when I was in there last night.  Not sure what kind of tip connection you may have though?  A last resort if you have a Dremel tool is to try and auger it out with one of their metal tips?  But that may be a long-many Beer day! 🤤
    • I feel like if the power washer works, it's going to be the easiest and most fun way of removing that stuff.     $7 on Amazon.  
    • 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰
    • its a ice castle ac unit; i believe the running watts are 1200-1400; nothing else would be running off this outlet; and i believe i purchased a 12guage cord to keep it plugged in to maintain the deep cycle battery and to provide power.   this also raises another question then... am I ok using a standard (16 guage perhaps?) extension cord to connect to the power source at campsites? If not, I should probably replace this...
    • Please don't do this! I have no problem running my camper ac off a 20 amp outlet!
    • You can but it would be much easier if you had some help. Biggest thing is to open the clamps up so it can sit on the boat quicker and give your arms a break.  I swapped out an 18HP for a 35HP and it was like trying to carry a 100lb sack of potatoes. Got it done but heavy. Today I would not even think of doing it myself but back then I was a little more hard headed. I am also assuming its a tiller with no controls to hook up. I would guess it will be around 125lbs according to Yamahas site.