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kids bassfishing club

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hi guys,

we have a fishing club for kids age 10-17. Usually we have 5 or 6 boats and 8-10 kids. If you have a kid who may be interested in fun and competitive bass fishing let me know.

We fish at least 4 tournaments and some of the kids will fish the FLW and BASS Jr State Championships.

If you have a boat and would like to volunteer to take kids out for the tournaments that would be great too. With more boater volunteers we could take more kids.

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you have my attention keep talking more details. i know of acouple of kids that would love to have that oporttunity and I often wondered about such events myself i organize a small club circuit (30 teams)and noticed my nephew excitment with these competitions I was thinking of a way to keep him and one of his friends involved. but didn't know if there would be enough interest. appearantly enough smirk.gif please give me details along the lines of rules, format, locations, dates, fees ect. or if nothing else be able to help you out in other ways

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This is great... I'm glad that there are groups and club that help and show kids how to fish. If it wasnt for groups like this some kids wouldnt be able to fish at all... I was lucky enought to have great parents that showed me fishing, not everyone has that. Good to see someone giving something back and keeping that sport of fishing alive!!!!!!!!! laugh.gif

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I am pretty sure beeflover is describing a Jr. BASS club, our club has one as well. There are about a half dozen or so in the state, just go to the MN Bass Federation HSOforum for more info.

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I'm glad to hear there's some interest from kids and Dad's. Here is our schedule for next year.

2007 Tournament Schedule

Saturday May 12th - Bass Lake, Hudson, WI

Sunday June 10th - Silvia/Twin Lakes, Annandale, MN

Thursday June 14th - TBF Jr Championship, Minnesota Lake TBD

Saturday July 21st - Clearwater Lake, Annandale, MN

Friday August 10th - BASS Youth Tournament of Champions, Clearwater Lake, Annandale, MN

August 4th Gary Newel Adult/Youth Team

Tournament, Lake TBD, Bemidji, MN

We'd love to get more kids on the club and by the way we always have some prizes for all the kids who participate at each club tourney. Hats, lures, tackle boxes and often a rod and reel or two.

My e-mail is [email protected] Send me an e-mail and I'll put you on our mailing list. If you have any tackle that you want to donate for kids prizes that would be great too.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

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    • looks like one to me. on son inlaws trailcam. date not right. probably may or june. 
    • and a good hanging it was
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    • Nobody knows ice better than an Eskimo. Don't try to slip a foreign language into the conversation to muddy the water. 
    • We arrived to camp around noon. Got my first mulie buck around 2am just east miles city. Will need 2 new doors and a new service door on the trailer. We survived with minimal damage and continued on after getting the buck off the freeway. We dropped our gear and headed right out to start scouting! Made it to the first area I wanted to check and found a 5x5 with 18 cows and a spike. We backed out quickly and hopefully they will remain close for Saturday morning. We are headed back out in the morning to check a few other spots and then come back into town to enjoy a wonderful wild game feed put on by the city. My son is having the time of his life. Can’t believe the amount of wildlife he’s seen so far. Heading to bed after a long night and day of driving. Hopefully tomorrow brings more areas of opportunity.