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spreader pole for Frabill

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I have a Frabill XL Twin and I want to make a couple of spreader poles to keep the slack out of the sides of the tent. I know you can buy the spreader poles but I have the thin wall conduit but need the, I guess you would call them C-clips, that slip into the ends of the conduit and clip over the poles that are in place. Does anyone know what they are called and where I can get them for a resonable price? I see that Clam sells the clips/clamps for $9.95 plus shipping. I know that I have found them before and I was thinking that they were about $.50 a piece. Thought maybe someone could help my tight a*# out. crazy.gif

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I have a two-year old Frabill Ranger Solo shelter, built with a heavier tent fabric and a heavier waterproof fabric coating than earlier Frabill shelters. The fabric walls still fluttered in high winds...

I purchased a set of one long and two short spreader poles from Frabill. The original fittings are C-shaped, but are not clips; the C fits perfectly around the aluminum tubing support frames for the fabric tenting, and is held in place by extending and locking a spreader pole between two aluminum tubing frames.

The fitting on one end of my long pole was broken during shipment, and Frabill quickly sent me another long pole gratis. Instead of discarding the damaged pole, I picked up an inexpensive plastic T-fitting at Menards. The aluminum pole end fit perfectly in the bottom of the T-fitting and I locked it in place with a pop rivet. I then used a hack saw to cut the length of the top of the T-fitting in half... The C-fitting that resulted duplicates the original pole fitting, and works perfectly. So now I have two long spreader poles, which I put on each side of the wall panel with the zippered door in it. The sides still flutter...

So last year I installed aluminum bubble insulation on the back wall, the two roof sections and the front (door) wall section. If you do it carefully, the shelter unit folds up almost as neatly as it did without the insulation in place.

That insulation really reduces the flutter, and makes the shelter much warmer and brighter.

I had insulation left over, so I made two panels that fit along the walls on each side of the door panel, back to the edge of the sled towards the door. These panels have to be slid in between the walls and the aluminum framing after the shelter is erected, so I don't often use them. But they eliminate wall flutter entirely, and make it possible to heat my shelter using my Big Buddy's lowest setting, even in -20 degree storms.

Good luck.

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    • Good old Ebner's, they were there forever. I use to go there with my Dad right when they opened in the mornings back when I was like 12 years old, a long time ago! 😀   As far as Cabela's I'm just waiting for the day they change them all to BassPro shops!  😕
    • it's happening 
    • This team is for real, buckle up folks, it's gonna be a fun ride the rest of the season.
    • Mother Nature reminded some people in the north last weekend that winter was not quite finished. Pattison State Park received 3 inches of snow, but it did not last long as temperatures rebounded to the mid 50s after the storm. Memorial Day weekend has arrived and so has the green growth. A green up of vegetation and regular rains have lowered spring fire danger statewide. There have been reports of fox pups being seen, including this one near the Woodruff DNR Fish Hatchery. Fawns are also being seen. Remember keep wildlife wild and observe from a distance.Photo credit: Michelle WoodfordWater levels are still very high on the Wolf River system and a number of central Wisconsin lakes and local government officials have placed emergency slow no wake orders on some waters. Check with county or local officials before boating. .
    • Glad to hear the news for y’all down there. My bro was an Ebner’s customer;  I was MANY years ago when I frequented the area more.   Cabela’s?  There is no more Cabela’s. 😩
    • Here, until you get that shutter speed problem adjusted! 😄    
    • Up here in the Northwest Angle lines are tight and fish are biting! Water temps are warmer in the shallows at 50-52 degrees to upper 40’s in the main lake. Recent weather was not great but the fishing was. Some of the best action has been within a few miles of the lodge. Walleyes have been found anywhere from 3 to 30ft. 22-30ft with a jig and minnow is best during daylight hours.  Multiple trophy walleye were caught this week including a couple 28’s and one 31 inch.  The bite off of the dock late evening is really heating up and will produce limits. Come up soon to take advantage of great spring fishing!    Sunset Lodge
    • They have a good assortment of bobby garland crappie plastics, bunch of bass jigs and plastics, bunch of rapala's, VMC products!, bait, rods, reels and assortment of line.  They didn't have all the shelves filled yet but they are working on it with vendors or something like that...Good Luck!
    • I'll have to check it out as I drive through there quite a bit.  I'm with you on the Cabelas thing.  Its not the same as it use to be and I just don't like shopping there anymore.  I could spend hours in baits shops sometimes and probably spend a little too much too haha!  There's just something about buying gear from a real bait & tackle shop that I really enjoy.
    • Wow that's sickening.  The netting needs to stop.  This isn't the 1800's anymore.
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