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Just Not Fast Enough

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So I'm heading south on 169 this morning in the snow. I'm going 55-60 mph in a 65 mph stretch. The right lane is good but visibility from other cars kicking up the snow is terrible. I'm keeping a good distance from the car ahead of me...everybody is driving carefully...well, except one guy. He comes up behind me and I could tell he was getting the itch to pass. After a couple minutes I guess he just couldn't take it anymore and ventured into the snow-covered left lane. I slowed down to let him continue to the fire. He stayed in the left lane to pass the next guy..thats when I had to slow way down because I couldn't see.

After the snow cleared a bit I was able to speed up a little. A snowplow coming north was throwing snow into the southbound lanes and completely hiding the road from view. I had to slow way down again. As things became visible again, there was our friend..buried in snow sitting in the center divide area of the highway...trying to back out too yet.

Now that was entertaining for the morning commute ..what an airhead. At least He can be stupid a little longer. smirk.gif

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I hope you honked and waved as you went past him. grin.giflaugh.gifsmile.gifcool.gif I hate people who also run red lights and think there time is more valuable then yours, as you have to wait for them to go past you as you wait at a green light.

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    • Plz, share some more videos. 🙂
    • Bout dang time. 😎😀😀😎
    • Fun, looks like you had a great day. 🙂  Getting the itch but we have a few more weeks to wait here in Minnesota! 😔  Welcome to the forums.
    • Is it generally a good idea to use two treble hooks on a tip up setup?
    • Had some great luck getting into some fat Late fall trout. Hope you enjoy.   Late Fall Trout
    • vtx,   Thanks for the suggestion.
    • Minnesota Archery again. D season in Wisconsin. Hopefully taking my dad out if possible, he's 95 and not in great shape right now. Also have a women's mentored hunt later in May.  Not certain yet, but hoping to put a Nebraska hunt together.  Seeing WAY more than expected this fall what with the cold wet spring we had.
    • We were up fishing from last Thursday afternoon through Saturday evening. Fishing was great, lots of nice walleyes with a couple of fat 28" fish as the biggest and plenty of saugers. Fish bit all day with our best bite coming each day from about 2-315. Fish were somewhat sluggish from 11-1230 and had to be coaxed into biting or didn't bite at all but after 1230 most everything we marked bit. We were set up in 23-24', color didn't seem to matter although we tend to use gold more than most other colors on our spoons and we basically had every color tied on our set lines and they bit them all. There was about 3-4" of snow on the lake Thursday when we got there but it was a packed 1-2" by the time we left Saturday night. Some areas of rough ice but other areas are nice and smooth, generally about 14-16" of ice where we fished. Can't wait to get back up, good luck if you are going out!