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BBQ RIBS on the Gas Grill

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This is a very easy and great way to cook ribs on your Gas grill no matter what the temperature is outside. I cook ribs all year round.

First thing I do is romove the membrane from the back of the ribs. Than I use cavenders greek seaosoning and lowry's salt and rub onto the ribs. I take the rack of ribs to the grill and brown (just like you would like to serve em) on both sides. Than using large tinfoil I cover up the rack of ribs. I than put them on the top rack of my grill and close it. I turn one burner completely off and the other on low. This will take approximately 3 hours after you close lid. I go out and switch burners from left side to right side so I dont opent the lid to the grill. You only have to do that a time or two. About 2 hours 45 min open lid, open aluminum foil and apply your favorite bbq sauce.

I always put the ribs bone down on the grill in the tin foil.

Hope you try it because they will melt in your mouth and I have done this over 100 times and never came out wrong.

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Walleye Assasin, thanks for sharing. Looks like a pretty easy recipe to pull off. I do have one question though. What size and type of ribs do you typically purchase for this?

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I have been experimenting with making gas grilled bbq ribs for some time now and i think I have the process to where I like it. The best part is the simplicity and how flavorful/tender they finish.

Rib prep - As stated in a previous message, remove the tripe from the back of the rib. Easiest way is to use a small knife and start on the second or third rib on the small end. Dig knife under membrane scratching knife along rib through to the other side. Dig finger under and slowly lift working your way to the end of the rack. Once removed create a rub for the ribs. There are a lot of different rub recipes on the internet. Mine is made up primarily with paprika, brown and white sugar, then add some pepper, salt, garlic powder and a little cumin & cayenne. Rub onto ribs throughout and light one side of your grill (either left or right) to high. You should remove the grill grate from the side of the grill you are lighting. Put a handful of woodchips into a section of tinfoil and ball it up loosely like a snowball. Poke a few small holes and throw onto side of grill that is lit. You removed the grill grate so the woodchips would be closer to the flame, but not too close. Close grill and leave it until smoke starts to produce from chips. Once smoking, turn the burner down. For me I set my grill to medium/medium-low. (It will take a little experimenting)

Spray rib racks generously with non-stick cooking spray and lay on grill grate that has the burner turned off. Lay ribs in racks with the side with the widest width up. That is the fatest side of the rib. The fat will then drip down the rib in the rack keeping the ribs juicy as they cook. These rib racks are the key to good ribs. They should cook four+ hours in this position. No turning, flipping or moving either. The only thing you should have to do is replenish the wood chips when they quit smoking.

Carefully remove ribs from racks to tinfoil. Add a small amount of bbq sauce to the top of the ribs. If using store bought bbq sauce add some wate to it. It will be too thick. Completely close up ribs in foil adding about an eighth of a cup of water or apple juice (preferably a combo). Place rib packs back on grill, bone side down on the side with the grill grate and the burner turned off. Leave the other burner at the same temperature as it was previously. Ribs should cook like this for about an hour and a half. Do not flip or turn either.

Once done, let them sit for ten minutes and slowly open foil, avoiding burning self, and serve. They will be extremely tender and very flavorful. This is how I like my ribs. If you like them sloppy with sauce, I think you could experiment with adding much more sauce before cooking the final stage. Be careful though, most sauces will burn.

Try it some day you are working around the house. It takes some time, but very little effort and the results are well worth it.

Good Grilling!

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