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carving decoys


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There is a book called "benziejo" decoys(you can search it) that would be very useful for someone wanting to learn how to make decoys. It shows all the steps from start to finish.

I made my first decoy about 15 years ago. I had a lot of trial and error of how much lead and where to put the line ties to get them to swim right. If I would of had that book back then it would of made things alot simpler.

Here is a pic of some that I've made. The sunny in the front is one of the first ones I made, it just sets on a shelf now. The other one in the front is another of my older ones. I saw my biggest fish while using that one, that sets on the shelf now too.


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I have started to carve one out of basswood, I started with a 4"x 4 x 6" block and its still just a rough shape of what it will be and think took around a 1 1/2 hr of carving to get to that. But this is my first one so taking my time. The detail work and paint will take the longest, also you have to weight them down, test them in the water to see how they swim. So I would think take around probably 20hrs. I am not sure. I am a rookie carver.

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I bought a video from a customer of mine that was filmed for Prairie Public TV. Search for them, or "The Art Of Making Fish Decoys". It is a very good video that breaks the deak down very well. I paid 10.00 bucks for it and he thew in a piece of cedar to boot. He recomends ceader cuz it is fairly easy to carve and wont swell if it gets wet.

He also makes 25 to 30 deaks a DAY!! But he has many power tools.

I have the 800 number if any one wants it to order from Praire Public tv if you can't find the site.



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