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setterguy --- questions


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i have a 10 month old llewellin setter , o.k. go ahead and say it wink.gif but anyway in the snow he really has a hard time with ice balls on his feet ,is there a way to deal with this. also are there any pointing dog clubs in the area a guy can join to help with some training and get him on more birds ? this is the first pointer i've ever owned i've always been a lab guy and i think i'm in a little over my head so i could really use some direction. he's been to iowa 4 times and around here numerous times . he did point a few birds but bumped all he pointed so i didn't shoot. he's from a top kennel with top bloodlines so i hope 10 months isn't to late. any advice ? confused.gif

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One option for teaching steady on point is to buy a bird launcher and some live pheasants! Use a check cord and teach her too be steady too flush. This will cut down on the bumping!

Does she know Whoa? Can you whoa her in too a point? If she knows whoa you can whoa her before she gets too close to the planted bird till she gets the idea! By using planted birds you have a lot more control over the whole deal! You already know where the bird is and can control when it flushes!

If the dog charges in instead of pointing, launch the bird before she gets there, If she is on a check cord just hold her back till she gets steady!

one of my gsp's thought it was more fun too chase than point! By doing this a few times and also teaching her that Whoa means dont move a inch she has gotten real steady to wing and shot!

That is another thing you can do with the launcher and live birds, After she is very steady, start shooting the birds for her reward!

There are training DVDs that go through this whole process!!

Good luck!

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All good ideas, another one is to put her on a stakeout and make her watch another older experienced dog come in hold a point and wait for flush...if she bumps the bird, put her right back on the stakeout and make her watch again. I know it can seem overwhelming and that they just are never going to get it, but as long as your are consistent about not shooting bumped birds it should come around on its own. Birds, birds and more birds is what it sounds like you need at this point. As far as training groups, I'm not aware of anything local here anymore. There are trial groups that I can put you in touch with, but all the training groups I used to run with have since disbanded. Another trick to try is to put her on whoa, steady her up and then throw paper plates in front of her, if she moves, pick her up and place her back where she was. It will get her used to steadying with distractions around and paper plates are cheaper and cleaner than birds.

I think every new pointing dog owner has the fears and concerns that you have right now, did I make the right decision, am I in over my head...one day it will click, and your dog may never flush another bird in its life. Good luck. Keep us updated on the progress.

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Sorry I forgot about the original question, I have heard that Pam cooking spray works, but if not put on when the feet are dry you just end up with butter flavored ice balls. I try and keep my dogs hair real short. Its worked pretty well for me.

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Boots are popular with the folks out west and in the desert areas. The dvd I would recommend is the "Perfect Start" by Perfection Kennels. It describes exactly how to get your dog to point staunchly by using launchers. It's an excellent instructional video.

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I agree with gspman The perfect start is excellent I would also get The Perfect Finish as it deals a lot with whoa and steady to wing and shot training. It is spendy but the whole set is 5 dvds so you get a lot of viewing! They have a slow methodical method to there training! 2 thumbs up

from me!

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Wow, another llewellin owner! I thought I was the only one. I have 2 now. I started like you, owning retreivers all my life. I have the same problem with snow in the pads. I've tried booties without much luck. Tough Pad stuff works sometimes. I usually just warm them up between drops and if they get cuts on their pads I use a little EMT gel on them.

My older llewellin was my first pointer also. I found after work with him for a while I would have to show him something once and he would get it.

Thanks, Scotty

FM sponsor

"What ever you do, never ever spoil your bird dog."

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