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Ultimate Panfish League

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I was returning home today from from Tower, we stopped to eat in Virginia and I picked up a copy of the Mesabi Daily News.

To my surprise this story appeared in the sports section

Way to go guys!

As the wild-flamed sunset tamed to tepid orange and Orion was rising Monday, Tyler Holm yelled "All right, let's fish!"

With that, 19 people began their quest to win the second Ultimate Panfish League-Rochester tournament.

Top prize: $114.

OK, so it wasn't a megabucks payout, but it was close to home, and many of the anglers said they were planning on ice fishing anyway. So they went to the Kalmar Township reservoir west of Rochester, dragged flip-up shacks, tackle, heaters and fishfinders over the dam and signed up for the competition.

The 19 anglers had a lot in common: they were all young men (the oldest probably 35) they love to fish and enjoy a little competition. To enter, they only needed to chip in $10 and could add $1 for biggest fish and enter the top four sunnies and crappies. Catch-and-release was encouraged.

Nothing complicated. No week-to-week standings. Just come out, pay your money and have some fun.

Billy Denny of Rochester and Spencer Hagen of Byron sat in one warm shelter. "We were just coming out fishing, and we heard about it from everybody else," Denny said.

Ten bucks wasn't too much to ask. "Just adds a little excitement," Hagen said.

They brought out waxworms, minnows and PowerBait. "You have to have every trick," Hagen said.

Both loved the idea of the simple tournament. "It gets everyone together, that's what's good about it," Denny said. "Everybody talks about what they caught, and sees what everybody caught."

Jason Outcalt of Zumbrota fished with Brad Ackman of Rochester for the same reason -- to have fun. Yes, the wind was cold, but they had the shelter and a good heater. Life was good.

"We can meet other people, share secrets," Ackman said. "If we don't win, it's fun, just the fishing part."

But still, Outcalt and Ackman were serious enough about the competition to have at least one trick up their sleeves. Suspended from a Styrofoam ball was an old Christmas garland that provided structure, something the reservoir lacks.

At 9 p.m., those still on the ice gathered near Holm, the league's organizer, who had to thaw out his scale before the weigh-in could begin. One by one, anglers brought in their fish. As fish were weighed, anglers talked about who did what, what worked, how the ice was.

"Tons and tons of little crappies," Hagen said. "Probably not a ton, though. I wish it was a ton."

"Definitely a good time," Denny said. "Most of the fish we caught were suspended."

When the numbers were crunched, Outcalt came out on top. Maybe it was the fake structure, he said. They caught their fish early with jig and waxies -- minnows didn't do much.

And he knew exactly what he was going to do with his winnings: "Buy some more fishing equipment." And maybe some gas to get to the next Ultimate Panfish League tournaments.

Holm said there are a couple more tournaments scheduled to take place on the ice, and he'd like to expand them to open water.

When it was all over, the anglers dragged their heavy gear up and over the dam. The west was black, Orion was high in the sky and the reservoir was quiet and dark.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Nope can't say I have been sick. I visit my parents in the old folks home so maybe that will be a good test. I may need to find another chunk of two to last me the winter. I kinda enjoy being in the woods and looking for it.
    • Make sure you use shielded cable vs wiring rca ends onto standard 16 gauge wire other wise you will have interference from your other 12 and 120 volt wiring.  More insulation = less btus needed. At the very least I would spray the floor. Going to want to go 30k if you aren’t going to spray foam the walls Depends on location. 30” is optimal. If on the side of the house versus back, I would go 24” because the are nicer to sit on. I have a 36” for my fold down top bunk and it works well to sleep my 7 & 8 year old Are they nice? Yes. Are they a nessecity? No. I don’t have one and moisture has never been an issue. The only prob I have is cooking bacon in the house.... I love bacon but when u cook it in the house it lingers for days, but not sure the vent would totally solve this LED!!!!! You need to decide whether you’re going to have a generator and how long you want to run it. If you think that you’re going to constantly run a generator then you probably want to have more 120 V lights in the last 12 V lights. If you’re not going to run a generator that often or not at all then you would want to cut down in the number of 120 V lights.  Three way switches are in valuable within a fish house. Being able to switch on the entire bank of lights by the door and also by the rear bunk is very nice when you hear the rattle real go off in the middle of the night. I have three double pancake LED lights in my house that can be switched on and off individually one light or too light per fixture. I then ran the input power through a three way switch so that I can shut each light down individually or shut the whole works off as one. Hall lights are also very important, we used LED Leison plate lights and they work awesome
    • Been sick at all since starting to use it?  Friends of mine have been using it for a few years religiously for one reason or another.  They keep a jug of it next to the coffee pot.
    • After using tea made from chaga for awhile, I am not sure I have realized any positive health benifits. I plan to keep using the chaga tea through out the winter. I would also like to try a chaga tenture. If anyone has any tips or advice please share.
    • I would look at the camera you would want and add the proper wire for that. Most new cameras have hdmi out I believe. I wired our house with two hdmi ports for cameras. You can get long hdmi cables for pretty cheap online. Also bought little adapters and mounted to the right bench and one up front. They both run to the tv. You could do a 12V outlet near the area as well depending on how your camera is powered. I would get a forced air furnace if you are planning on sleeping in it. Ventless heaters are not safe in my opinion unless you leave a window open. I would definitely insulate it well. If you cut corners on insulation you will pay for it in propane in the long run. Depending on your ceiling height I would go with a full size 12v ceiling fan.  They are nice to have and are not too expensive.  We have recessed puck led lights from superbrightled.com they are a little pricey but I like them. They have similar options on amazon that are much cheaper. Porch lights were from super bright as well.   
    • no idea who it was, i was asked to be a mod years after that in the bird forum. 
    • I would definitely include one.     I would buy whatever you are going to use for mattresses or cushions and build the bunk around that.     I like having one....     12 volt RV lighting with LED bulbs. LED hole lights.     Do you live on a lake or is this going to be kept at a resort?  
    • I was up north more than ever this fall but with the bad fall weather and being busy with other things, I never even got a chance to walk the woods. One weekend I brought the gun and orange but it stayed in the truck because of cold, wet weather. My dog is not happy.
    • The Gammi’s are good!  This is a pic of my rig.  I just run 20 lb fluorocarbon to the snap and change hook sizes as needed and run the Gammi circles.   This didn’t turn out like I expected but this pike had my rig all the way around his lower jaw and didn’t cut the flouro.  It’s the same leader I used all last year, landing up to 30+ inchers.   And what do you do when you forget your tip up?  Make the next best thing with what you have.  A twist tie and candy wrapper was my flag for the weekend.  
    • Well let's see, there were 3 maybe 4.