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The Hunt Continues...

Jim Hudson

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Some may have been following the photos I have posted in the Walleye and Chequamegon Bay forum, but I thought I would make a post here as well on the phenomenal bite I have encountered over the past week..

Chequamegon Bay here on Lake Superior is noted for having a great abundance of walleyes.. but is also noted for having a pretty difficult bite, especially during the winter months. For years, I have scoured the basins, breaks, flats, rocks, sand, grass, and everything inbetween for a consistant walleye bite... And as luck would have it, one day on a guide trip, I stumbled upon one.. And one that produces not only numbers of fish.. But big fish as well...

The length to girth ratio's on some of these girls is just down right unbelievable.. And the cool thing about it.. At times you can sight fish em!!! Seeing a big shouldered walleye come shooting in and nose up to your lure is like watching a big booner buck come rushing in on a scent trail!!!

I will continue to try and find more of these spots and I hope this type of bite continues for many more years to come.. All fish over 20 inches have been released!!!









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I will be out in the islands in the morning... 5 inches yesterday, with some more ice definately being made tonight... I feel a 20lb'r coming on!!! smile.gif

Thanks to all.. Has definately been a hoot catching these big walleyes... But now I have the need to feed my Lake Trout itch... smile.gif

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I am from Ironwood and I fish the bay ALOT in the spring time. I usually fish the mouth of the Bad but really haven't had a ton of luck in the Winter time. I some times fish the Hot Springs with some success in the Winter. I am not asking for GPS points I am just aksing if you are going out of 2nd landing? I am guessing you are being you stated you are sight fishing.

Come on Jim through a guy a bone huh? If you are interested in some 2lb perch in Late Feb, let me know we can hit Lake Gogebic together...

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