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Crazy Day In Darkhouse


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I was out all day today. It was a weird day becuase i was worried that the fish were not going ot be moving that the temp went from 40 to 8 within 24 hrs.

I was out on a lake today that was so clear i could have been in 25 feet of water, and been able to spear fish all day long. I really didnt see alot of pike today, but the pike that i did see where monsters.

I took a 24 and a 35. Grandparents wanted to have some fish to be picked. I saw 8 fish all day.

I had about a 24 incher that came threw today when there was a sunfish in the whole, and that pike never even looked at the live or fake decoy, just came in a smoked the sunfish. It was amazing to see it.

Going to try and get out again tommorrow.

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yeah i was out yesterday 8 a.m - 5 p.m and only saw 8 fish, 5 of them too small to even think about spearing. the first decoy we tried was a small chub colored one. we gave it about an hour and a half and nothing came in so we switched to a large red and white one and as we were lowering it down the hole a 6 lb. northern comes from nowhere and smokes the decoy. once he spit it out he was pretty startled but he was too far away/angled to get the spear to him, so we had to watch him swim away. another 4 hours go by and i decide to tie on a fire tiger decoy. again as i was lowering down the hole another 5 lb. northern comes out of nowhere and smokes it too, but the fish missed the decoy and got the braided line instead. so the decoy went one way the northern the other way and i was left sitting there looking at a $10 decoy sitting on the bottom all afternoon.

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I don't know about other's experience, but from what I have noticed it seems to be different from lake to lake. For example the smaller lakes seem best early in the season. I have some lakes that seem better late in the season. Some spots are better for high pressure and sunny. One thing I noticed last weekend was that the increase vehicle traffic on the lake I was on seemed to have the fish moving better in the early morning before the crowds appeared. Its best to have a number of go to lakes that you can match with the conditions or time of year. That is one reason I much prefer a portable approach to spearing or any fishing for that matter.

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