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Trap Attack - Silver Lake, Perry NY

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Who's going?

So far.

CNY Frank and salmonseeker73

CNY Tim and CNY Kyle

Thunderman and ?

Only 47 teams thus far if anyones interested it's 3rd and the 4th of February... Thanks goes to Jimmy for allowing us a place to stay Saturday night. Thanks Jim.

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Tim my buddy donnie and i are allready registered we wiil be pre fishing it early sat morning.we have reservations at a motel in perry. give me a call next week some time i have next thursday and friday off from work.those 2 days im going to practice somewhere around here talk to ya soon. THUNDERMAN

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CNY Frank- you can Mingle and meet new "friends", but i'll be fishn'!

CNY Tim- No problem on the place to crash my bro has more then enough room, more than happy to, and thanks for the info on the 5!

CNY Kyle said he was fishing with some one named Genz?? wierd!

Well we will have a good time anyway, should be a really good year for some bigger perch out of there. I'm giving some guy's a call today to see if they've been out there yet, or going this weekend.

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Tim you can get info from the iceteam HSOforum click on the trap attack section, Silver is near Perry, NY, Le Roy exit on 90W. Most people arrive and pre fish Saturday (mandatory rules meeting) and optional drinking session, LOL. Sunday tournament is from 8 - 1 p.m. target species 8 bluegills - 7 perch total weight per two man team. Top 20 get an invite to the NAIFC Championship and I believe the top 20 cash as well but there won't be much of prize package with only 47 teams...

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TYVM 4 the info, maybe if I planned ahead it would be more do-able. Next year is a good probability, I would like to try that out. I was thinking about doing a pike derby this winter in the northlands, but panfish derby is more up my alley.

To Tim

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Will do Todd... Frank and I will be coming your way and we can meet you and Donny at the Save On on 31 Saturday morning and go right out from there. I have to call Shawn Shiffert too, will meet up with some of the gang on the ice and I'll introduce you to the boys pre-fishing. I'm off Friday but will not be fishing getting the rest of my gear ready for Silver and packing... I'll call you when Fraky and I decided on a time.

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CNYTim- give me a call or have Franky get a hold of me when you guy's plan on being at the lake saturday. I'll have Kyle the youngster with me! Got a buddy fishing the lake today, he'll let me know later how he did. Also said they were catching some really good gills so far this year. And about 6in of hard stuff, let you know more later today.

Dad was on onieda saturday, on jumbo perch in about 12-13ft right off the bat, then nothing, had to get off when the storm hit. he talked to a few guy's who had 3 keeper eyes. Big jigging spoon with leader and a minnow head.

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Thanks for the report Johnny, sounds like it's gonna be more exercise on the lake than fishing again for this Trap Attack frown.gif

Todd will see you guys there, Salmonseeker 73 and CNY Kyle are going up together Friday night and Frank and I are not leaving til Saturday morning around 6:45 a.m. after breakfast at Denny's, wont be at the lake til 10 ish, I'll have my cell on.

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The Ice Team boys were checking the ice out and found some danger areas with there machines yesterday. Everyone is o.k. and problem spots have been coned off. Looks to be a walking only event, which is fine by me. Spending more time fishing this tourney instead of walking will be the goal this go around.

Remember what channel will be on guys for Saturday, don't forget head lamps for pre inspection and loading gear, also battery chargers, propane tanks., think about just hauling one auger with your partner TA day, light and mobile will make it much easier if you have to search for the perch. Fish bucket has to be 1/2 full of water suggested 2.5 gal. pail 1/2 full should get it done and a scoop to add water.

I will be loading all gear this afternoon, Kyles trap will be the first thing in the van wink.gif Generous coating of 100% silicone will be applied to the bottom of our traps Kyle. I'm going with the lightest weight boots I have 600 grain Rocky's. Cell phones off during the tournament, no exceptions it's only 5 hours and concentration is key. Sight fishing early electronics late. If things go smoothly at weigh-in we should all be home in time for the Superbowl. Good luck friends...

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Call me when you get home and we can coordinate the final pick up. Save the silicon until we get there . . .unless you want to slick our lungs too!!! I have a whole can. Might borrow some of Donnies ski wax and iron on tonight!! On Sunday the temps are going to be in the low 10s and with a 20 mph wind, you might want to reconsider the boots . . . mickeys for me with cleats!! I can't believe you took another day off . . .what are you going to do when it really gets going??

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Well Franky since I am still working on last years vacation time I would say that I have about 8 more days of 2006 vacation before I start taking 2007, I won't rub in how many days because hitting my 15 year mark as a contractor on 1 August 07 entitles me to move to the Dark Cloud state plan wink.gif

Gotta drop off Amanda at Dance and top off the fish wagon then were going out to Applebee's for Amanda's outstanding report card so I shoould be back by 7 p.m., I have a 1/2 hour to kill before I leave so call me at home.

I sprayed the traps in the garage and they sat there for a couple of hours with the door open before I through em in the van. Plenty of room for your stuff Franky, will lift your trap with all your gear right on top of mine and we still have a ton of room. wink.gif

Todd looking forward to seeing you and Donny, same bat time same bat channel... It will be great seeing Big Johnny, Maki, Kevin, Shawn and hope to meet some new folks thers as well. It's gonna be great!

Franky I can leave at 4 a.m. so don't hesitate to make that call, Sandy won't mind if she's anything like Rosa she will be happy to have the bed all to herself grin.gif

It's your call...

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100% Silicone Spray or Camp-Dry - you can find it any hardware or Walmart. I put it on the bottom tub base to make it slippery and the tarp to improve waterproofing...

Every season it get's coat top and bottom to start the year, when sluh and ice build up are a problem the bottom get's more coats.

Frank - You got a cell message the big gills were biting today but the perch were cruising, will talk...

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I was out there today with Timmy and his crew.....

I got there before everyone else and made some virgin tracks with my truck in the parking lot. That was around 7am....no one else was around.

I got on the ice around 7:30 and headed just north of Silver Lake Marine. Drilled about four holes in 6 FOW and waited about 15 minutes before I could sight fish....got 3 gills at 8 inches right off the bat and headed off for perch. Walked about 1.5 miles to the east side to about 34 FOW which was about 50 yards before the cut off zone for the TA, and marked fish right away. Got some nice ones mixed in with a bunch of throw backs up intil 9:20am and it shut down. I ended up with 11 keepers in that area over the 9.5" mark.

During that time, Timmy and Franky were on the ice and after the perch shut down where I was, I walked back the 1.5 miles to those guys.

We then fished the south area for gills in about 5-6 FOW and we got some nice gills. You had to be in a clearing in the weeds to get the most consistent action.

I wished the guys good luck tomorrow as I left...right now they are calling for a lot of snow and more wind for the TA event.

mad.gif It was nasty at times out there today, so if things get worse, man it will be tough!!!

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We were one big gill away, "maybe I should have kept that 3" perch wink.gif"

First of all I owe alot of my fortune to my friends and the first call I made after weigh-in was to my good friend and partner wink.gifBig Johnny Ice. Thanks partner your knowledge and spikes helped close the deal on 4 decent perch that were weighed. Second Maki, Scott Brauer with out his on ice savvy and tips for big gills wink.gif we may have only turned in chips.

I just wanted to thank Salmonseeker73 and his brother Joe and wife Mary for giving us a place to stay Saturday night, those 4 hours of sleep were sound and the pizza and wings were great.. smile.gif Nice meeting the both of you...

Where do I start.. Conditions were brutal both days, high winds and two dumped traps and a lost jig box down the hole crazy.gif Saturday we concentrated on finding gills and did find some later in the day, I didn't catch many pre-fishing, but enough to get the kinks out. My jig for the gills was a JB Lures Charmer, chart/orange with propeller, tipped with two red and a green spike. My perch jig was a 2mm, YBD tipped with green spikes.

It was nice seeing Todd and Donny out there and the b.s. session over by the Marina was a great oppurtunity to relax under tough conditions and ready ourselves for the against the wind walk to the weed beds Saturday. Talked to Todd last night after I noticed they weren't on the board to make sure they were o.k. because Saturday night was the worse driving conditions I had seen in my life, whiteout conditions after the rules meeting and the drive to Joe's house which is normally a 45 min. ride ended up being an hour and 45 minutes. Thank you Salmonseeker for paving the way with your big ford, we saw upwards of five vehicles off the side of the road and one caravan that was in a ditch buried with one head light exposed, that indeed was some scary stuff. Three miles into the trip to Joe's Frank and I were contemplating turning the van around and staying in Mt. Morris but we pushed on carefully to Joes. 5 times on the way we could not see 2 ft. infront of us, it was unreal.

Saturday's mishap's started quickly with Frankies battery going awry on his flasher and fortunately I brought my camera and I just took that one out to give it to him to use.

Sunday we froze awaiting the release of the walkers it seemed we were in line after inspections Frank's feeet and even mine were getting cold but you sacrificed the fott wear because of the walk we had to make. Kyle and I fished furthest out from the pack with in 30 yards of the northern most boundary in 32'. The walk there waswelcomed we warmed up great the wind was pushing us and it went by pretty quick. Getting set-up and waiting for the 8 a.m. start we ripped our holes and waited. When 8 a.m. hit first drop a nice 11" female slurped my offering, with two more decent marks I swundg the fish over to the weigh bucket and ticked my heater and my line broke. Thinking it will take these old eyes forever to tie this small YBD I immediately improvised and blood knotted the remaing 13" of line to my main line and was back in business. We caught 4 nice perch to weigh and a couple smaller perch, but time was a factor and after moving around and popping holes we started to get dinks and serious sniffer so at 10:30 a,m, we started walking south for the gills made the trip back down in about 35 min. We fished the gills until weigh in but left 15 min. too early to get in-line for the weigh in as we were the 5th team in-line. Prior to walking back in we dumped our fish on the ice, counted and replaced with fresh water our bucket and made it ready to go. Thank you Kyle for hauling the bucket... wink.gif

It was nice to meet new faces and see old faces and even though the conditions were extreme we really had a great time.

Finishing in 23rd could not have been accomplished without my partner Kyle, he produced a couple of nice perch and filled our gill qouta after the two slobs and med. sized gills I caught. We rolled some slammer gills too. One or two of those fish caught would have made the difference but I'll take it.

I want to thank CNY Frank for co-piloting the Venture through some white out conditions and making the ride enjoyable. We had some laughs and some beers, wings and burgers after the event before we made the trek home.

Just wanted to say that you guys are the greatest friends a guy can have. We all chipped in and helped each other and made the best out of the conditions.

My cell phone was ringing off the hook after the event with guys calling and checking in to see how we fared, thanks for checking in North Shore, CNY Bruce, Tank and Craig.

It's about the friendships and I'm proud to be with this group. cool.gif

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