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Hard Cutting Ice - A Dull Experience

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Due to the quality and lack of ice on some of the local reservoirs for the last two seasons I have encountered a weird problem I can't figure out. I've been forced to fish one reservoir in particular and my auger seems to be dulling quicker. I guess I always figured that ice is ice, but has anyone encountered ice with different cutting characteristics and premature dulling of the blades?

In Wyoming on certain waters, we can fish 6 holes per person, so cutting 30 holes a day is not unusual...For the last two seasons I've used an 8" Nils and get less than 100 holes before noticing longer cutting times, like 30 seconds to a minute to cut 12" to 14" of ice. This year I ordered a second tip so I can rotate one back for sharpening.

Any input is appreciated.

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One think I have noticed on the reservoir that I fish. There often is alot of dirty ice. But this I mean dirt from the fields blow down on the lake and settle on the ice. When you drill a hole you will often notice the ice shavings being brown. I would guess WY ist similar in there can be good winds and reservior tend to be set down in the topography of the land around it. I don't really think there is anything you can do. This is where chipper blades like a jiffy excell as they take long to dull. Even when duller they will still cut. Other than that. You should check your blades and if there is dink in it take a file and roll the edge back with a file.

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You are right about the WIND in Wyoming. LOL

Because of the low water levels we get blow sand more than dirt. I had thought of that and maybe that's the answer... I did have some small nicks on the leading edge of one of the cutting tips and it is going back for restoring and sharpening.


The cutting edge on the Nils is so different from any other auger I have owned maybe a light dressing of that edge in between trips would be in order to preserve it longer.

That spawns a new question...Any tips on stones or files?

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