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Legal for tip ups?


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In another post I read that you are not allowed to attach a treble hook directly to your tip up line, and I do remember reading this somewhere in the regs (I think).

I bought some treble hooks that came pre-attached to a small steeel leader. At the end of the leader, opposite of the hook, there is a small yellow blade about that is probably less than 1/2" long.

Are these legal to use? Can I attach 2 of these to the same spot at the end of my tip up line (kind of like a quick strike rig)?

Thanks for replys.

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Last weekend when we caught a lot of pike on tip ups, we fished about 10-15 foot from shore. We used about a 4-6 in chub on a red trebble poked into the side of the chub and fished it about a foot off of the bottom in 3-4 foot of water. We just simply run normal 30 lb braided tipup line with a 30lb black steel leader with a red trebble. My personal favorite setup was this on a wooden tipup with the fabrill artic siern on it. That way when you are fishing in a portable and you get a bite the thing lights up like a christmas tree and sounds like an abulance. This way you never have to wonder how long the flag was tripped.

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Is it legal to jig with another pole while having a setup like this on your tipup?

The way I see it, if this is truly a "lure" than this would be considered ONE line. Meaning it would be legal to fish with another line???

hope this makes sense.

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