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Lost Valuables Down Ice Hole

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Many, many years ago, two friends and I decided to build a 4x8 shack out of particle board---all the way around??? Boy were we some smart fellers back then. We built it Friday after school, loaded it into the back of my buddies dads 3/4 ton Dodge 4x4 through the equipment in, went to town, got beer, peach schnaaps for my buddy because he wanted to get impeached that night, and a big scoop of minnows.

We headed out to Lake Vermillion. We got set up and were on the bite. We had about 20 nice crappie in the bucket and Bart was really getting impeached. He had about 3/4 of a 250 plus a six of Old swil. crazy.gif It was now dark and the bite had slowed so Bart went to his trusty glow lures. He was in no shape to be tying his own on but Gopher and I were having such a riot watching him fumble around trying to get the line in the hole and tie the knots that we didn't offer to give him any help. smirk.gif

That's when things went south for the impeached one. He decided to get his new $30.00 Maglight out so he could see a little better to tie his knots. He put the mag light in his mouth so he could use his hands to tie his lures on---this was after refusing our help to hold the light. Oh no, we might drop his new light down the hole. You can imagine what happened next. The light slipped out of his mouth bounced off his knee and went right down the hole. laugh.gif

Bart went into a tantrum, cussing, cursing, kicking the walls, punching the walls. When he finally calmed down and we stopped laughing I looked down my hole next to Barts and I could see light from his flashlight on the bottom of the lake. Here comes strike # 2 Bart is not a normal type guy, he carries his wrist watch in his front pocket of his shirt. He bent over to see his flashlight down his hole and ploop!! down goes his watch. laugh.gif I heard the "ploop", Gopher heard the "ploop", and just by Barts expression---"he was just staring blankly down the hole, not saying a word", we new it was his watch. Gopher cracked the door and exited snickering the hole way, and I could hardly get out the door fast enough before I burst into a full roar. When we got out of the shack and let it all out, Bart went cookoo.

For our outburst we had to endure a now, very very p/off, impeached Bart, trying to snag his watch with a castmaster. We were not leaving till the gas in the lantern ran out, Gas in the heater ran out, or he got his $19.99 watch back. crazy.gif

We drove home in the daylight! Bart went to Kmapart!

Let's here your stories guys and gals!

We need to start the new year with a little cheer!!!

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Oh my god that was FUNNY!! lol!! Don't know if I can top that one.

This wasn't me, but it was a friend of mine that told me about it and its pretty dern funny.

They were up fishing on Waubay Lake and staying in a motel. They had fished in the morning and got blown off the lake. So they decided that they would go back to the motel and watch a movie tip a few and then head back out in the evening after the wind went down a bit.

So they later decided that it would be in their and the people launching their boats at the landings best intrest if they stayed back (a few too many tipped while watching the movie)!! They were all pretty much history by the end of the night so they all went to bed at maybe 1:00am. 1 guy in bed one guy passed out in a chair and the other on the couch.

Well about ~3:00am the bedroom door flies open and the lights turn on. Well the guy in the bed looks around and can't see who the hell opened the door and hears all this fumbling around. Well he goes out to check out whats going on. Then the guy in the chair gets woken up by the drunk guy who goes over to the fridge and opens it up. He unzips his pants and kind of aims straight forward. Now keep in mind everyone is a little bombed but the guy at the fridge is way worse than anyone else!! both the guys watchingthis look at each other and know what drunk guy is doing. So Drunk guy zips it up and starts walking back to the couch and one of the other guys stops him and says ([PoorWordUsage]ed off) you just [PoorWordUsage]ed in the fridge man. Drunk guy says you would have to [PoorWordUsage] to after seeing what I just saw. He walked back to the couch and says "(Contact Us Please) zoo!! Tigers and lions and zebras" drops on the couch and didn't move a muscle.

The other two guys walk over to the fridge kinda scared at what they are going to find. They open up the fridge kinda hesitant and look in it. There wasn't a drop of [PoorWordUsage] in it. They are thinking what. Here he had put every drop right in the meat drawer. Pretty good aim for sombody who is a bit impeached. They just laughed it off and went to bed. They just sprayed out the drawer the next morning!

That was worth the trip right there!! grin.gif

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Fishin-Guy: We must lead abnormal lives, or the rest of these hotspot guys and gals are just to proud to admit they have lost something down their ice fishing hole. shocked.gif

Or they could give a ^%$^ less if we just might want to have a little fun on the sight for a change. smirk.gif

Whatever floats your boats! wink.gif

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i can relate to the maglite down the hole; we were fishing on big stone one weekend while in college and after a few 30 packs of 'stones, the four of us were in no shape to even pay attention to the fact that two of our bobbers were down. how long they were down nobody knows, but my buddy decided to see how far down they were by shining the light down the hole. oops, down goes the maglite. best part was the fact that it must have landed bulb side up in the muck because it was casting a beam straight up towards the hole. and every once in a while until the battery ran out you would see a shadow cross the beam of light from a fish or school of fish. it was pretty funny stuff.

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I've never lost anything down the hole, but a couple years ago on new years eve my girlfriend dropped her cell phone down the hole. We were all feeling pretty good and got a really good laugh out of it, she was [PoorWordUsage]ed at first but then she forgot about it a half hour later. Then my buddy caught a 2 lb crappie so it was a pretty fun night.

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Mike: I have just applied for a Patent on the "Sticky Cell Phone Cover". It is made out of space age resin and polimers. It will retail for a mere $9.99. You must purchase the glove that sticks to the cover and adheres the cell phone to your hand seperately for $49.99.

I am still working on the reacting agent to release the cell phone from the glove during this writing.

User Warning: In case of contact with bodily fluids, DO NOT TOUCH SKIN! Glove will adhere to skin instantly. shocked.gif

Honestly, I FREAK OUT, every time my phone rings when I am on the Lake. I fumble around with that phone like it is a hot-potatoe in my hand. crazy.gif

Sooner or later!

Sorry for your loss Mike.TeeHee tongue.gif

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A couple of frends and I went out to the shack one night and lost a large bottle of Jack Daniel's full and a cell phone in the same night nether one was mine thank god. We went back the next weekend with a camera saw both plus a scoop.

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I've never really lost any to valuable down the hole...But 2 summers ago my dad and I were fishing enemy swim in our boat and I snagged a G-lumis Rod and shimano reel off the bottom.....Sure woulda sucked to lose that. At the time cabelas had them for $340 i think.

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Me an A buddy Spent the night out On Roy last friday night trying for them piggy eyes. On the way up there one of the hole covers in the shack got knocked loose and out onto the hiway along with my frying pan and utensils. We didnt even realize it until we were ready to fire up the stove and make us a meal. So I took a jigger pole, looped the line up through the ceiling in the ice house and tied it to my dipper. After a few attempts this worked and we cooked Brats and such over the stove on the ice dipper, and they were mighty tasty. if a guy gets hungry enough he'll find a way to get the job done. The next morning we had another frying pan delivered from another fellow who lived nearby so we could have breakfast.

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    • got that right Leech!!!!!! theres a group of guys from the cold spring area that goes out and hunts them..........i heard they had 32 a few weeks back!!!!!!!
    • I missed the northern lights but here is a sunrise in Ely about a week or so ago.  
    • This person needs to be thanked for their service! Saved a lot of small game and fawns around there! 👍
    • My app shows they probably are not visible south of Winnipeg tonight. 
    • Spent the day on Lake Havasu and ran the Colorado river up to Topock.                   Man there was some BIG money on the lake today!    
    • The NOAA forecast for the lights is pretty weak this far south and like @Mike89 mentioned, the clouds have drifted in.  77% covered now.   Took a drive anyway cuz why not.  Never know what you might see.  I saw 14 coyotes.
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    • Speaking of birds. Here is a grouse that was out along the side of the driveway this afternoon. I am getting ready to go out and look for the northern nights. I missed them last night.
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