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Catfish Connection 2007 Catalog

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Came in the mail last night!!


Really wasn't too much in there that I haven't seen except a new Abu.

6500C3 "Black Cat" Catfish Special

Its a 6500C3 5.3:1 Gear Ratio with a Black Chrome finish and engraved catfish on the side. Power Handle too!

Pretty cool little reel!

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Yeah, I was excited to see mine had come, too!

I noticed that they are carrying the "Surge" rods now. They are a bit pricey (~$70), but I have heard that they are awesome flathead rods.

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Another helpful place is Memphis Net and Twine (do a search) for anyone looking for bait seines and net supplies.

Other than new line, I'm fully armed and ready for June Mudeyes! I would like to own one of Moyer's new Boss rods but I don't think I can explain to the CFO why I need ANOTHER rig right now.

Anybody know if theres another Catfish In-Sider coming this spring? I heard they don't sell enough to warrant the printing...hope not.

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how do you get that catalog? I think it sounds like a must have. thanks


Go to CatfishConnection (Contact Us Please), I believe there is a link where you can request a catalog. Once you order from them a couple times, they start sending you catalogs every year.

CC is a great source for rods, reels, hooks, sinkers, DVDs, books, etc.

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I recieved mine last week and will probably order the essentials (no rolls, hooks and swivels) soon. While I'm at it, I should get another rod and reel too. smile.gif

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • It's always fun to rig up your own custom stuff then paying a bunch of money for things that may not work as well.  Looks like it should do the trick for you!  🙂
    • Dude, do you know how to use the emoticons?  It's always good to use one of these when making a Joke!  🙂 😀 😅 😂  😉
    • All deer in SE MN need to be wiped out.  90% herd reduction isn't going to stop the disease.  It is wreckless and stupid to do any less.  The whole state herd is going to go in the toilet if the SE guys don't get on the triggers and get their situation under control.  This talk of us vs the deer farms is a stupid smokescreen designed to try to take the focus off private land owners that don't want to cooperate with the mitigation plan.       Anything less will set the stage for CWD to roll hard to the north and get into the big woods where there will be zero chance of ever finding every deer.   
    • Gettin er done.    I have to take the "T" that the transducer pipe goes through to work so I can open the ID so the pipe can slide freely. 
    • I have a couple Garmin units for my boat. I'm going to also use one for ice fishing. Got it powered up and started playing with the colors schemes I'd like to use. The only one I like so far is with a blue background. But what I found that I like better is the black background the humminbird uses. Maybe Garmin could do an update to add a black mode. Lol. 
    • How do you keep those solid whole covers from freezing over the hole?
    • The ant moat idea seems interesting.  Go to a second had store or a Goodwill type of place and see if you can find a Bundt pan.  Use that and see how things work out.  
    • Could you be a little more specific on this cocktail timing deal? Size matters! 😏  
    • I have been doing whole prime rib on a weber grill since I was 20 years old and they cost 2.99 lb at the long ago defunct Country Club Market in St. Paul. I put the coals on each side for indirect heat and add salt and pepper and garlic. For the garlic I put the fat side up and take a knife and put holes into the fat down to meat. In each hole I put a garlic clove. I don't add any pellets or wood chips for smoke. I just want to taste that beef cooked in owns fat with a few spices but go ahead and add some smoke to it if that is what you want.
    • The storm last weekend  has moved the birds into the heavy duty winter cover. We had pretty good hunting in the cattails the last couple of days. Perfect weather helped.