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Help me upgrade my digital, pls

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My first digital has been a Fujifilm FinePix A210. I chose it because it was pretty darned easy to use, got good reviews, and was on closeout. I also liked that it had a tripod mount and delay, cause I like to get into my pictures when possible. I also like the auto setting, it takes better pictures than I can by futzing around - I am NOT a pro! blush.gif Nor, do I want to be. grin.gif

Overall, I like this camera - it is compact and "ignorance resilient" - it has taken some impressive blows and environmental conditions and keeps on ticking. I intend to keep it.

But, I am at a point where I need a few extra features to enhance my enjoyment and create better pictures. I geek out on somethings, but a camera is not one where I want to spend my brain-cycles. Here's my troubles, hopefully someone can help me trouble-shoot them and make some recommendations.

Overall, I probably won't want a unit that is overly complex - I want reliable, simple to operate, and affordable. I have a not-insignificant investment in xD memory cards, too, that would be nice to leverage.

1. The A210 doesn't work well in outdoor low light conditions when I want to capture the dimness, I get grains, I have to use flash, which spoils the look.

2. Along with #1, in low light conditions where I would prefer not to use the flash, I get blurry images, I presume since this camera is trying to compensate by holding the aperture open longer and I have a shaley hand. Is there a better way to do this?

3. Same deal inside - but I expect to use a flash, so it's not as bad. The problem is that the effect of the flash on this A210 is to wash out the center of the image, I'd have to spend too much time adjusting the digital image on the computer for my taste.

4. Putting this camera into delay timer setting is a bunch of onscreen menu futzing - Ideally, I want to put the camera into a locked setting where it stays in delay timer setting until I turn it off, and doesn't reset to normal operation after every delay shot or power cycle.

Is there hope?

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    • By the smaller size of the trees around it may be a Bob Cat. 
    • looks like one to me. on son inlaws trailcam. date not right. probably may or june. 
    • and a good hanging it was
    • There is no reason he should still be alive! I liked Maggie’s way of dealing with things...good ol’ fashion hanging!
    • Okogie and KBD are both healthy, but sit due to Thibs having his head in a dark place. I sure hope they get some playing time tonight. Looking at the minutes given to Butler, Rose, and Tolliver, I doubt they'll play for awhile.    Bummer, since they both had a good preseason. I can see Okogie developing into Butler 2.0 so why not play him while he can learn from 1.0?
    • Near that same area, I watched a guy from Pennsyvania hit a huge muley buck totally demolishing his truck.  His hunt was definetly ruined.  Consider yourself lucky. Good luck on the rest of your trip and continue keeping us up to date. 
    • It wouldn't be an elk hunting trip if something didn't break.  At least you got the vehicle damage out of the way early and made it to your hunting area.  Should be smooth sailing from here.     Don't forget to let your insurance company know of the accident.  
    • Bummer on the deer- that's a major hazard on these trips. I've been very lucky after several close calls (knock on wood) going out west.    Sounds great so far otherwise. Good luck and have a blast!
    • Nobody knows ice better than an Eskimo. Don't try to slip a foreign language into the conversation to muddy the water. 
    • We arrived to camp around noon. Got my first mulie buck around 2am just east miles city. Will need 2 new doors and a new service door on the trailer. We survived with minimal damage and continued on after getting the buck off the freeway. We dropped our gear and headed right out to start scouting! Made it to the first area I wanted to check and found a 5x5 with 18 cows and a spike. We backed out quickly and hopefully they will remain close for Saturday morning. We are headed back out in the morning to check a few other spots and then come back into town to enjoy a wonderful wild game feed put on by the city. My son is having the time of his life. Can’t believe the amount of wildlife he’s seen so far. Heading to bed after a long night and day of driving. Hopefully tomorrow brings more areas of opportunity.