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Labs4me how was Iowa this morning?

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Labs, Were you hunting pheasants in Iowa this morning? I thought I passed you on the freeway right before Albert Lea. We hunted for about 4 hours. Saw a lot of birds but they were very skiddish.

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Just got home from SoDak. We did really well. Mananged our birds all 3 days. We hunted both public and private land. From Milbank to Watertown to Clark. The wind sure howled out there today! You had to swing hard on them roosters... with 30+mph winds, they disapperaed in a flash. Funny thing is, we shot better today than yesterday when it was clam!

We got our 9 birds today in just under 2 hours. The dog work was exceptional! We pushed one little patch of standing corn (1/2 acre?) for the 1st 2, and then down into the cattails for our next 7. The dogs were on their game and we never had to say a word to them and just snuck around in the cattails. Most flushes were under 10 yards, some as close as 10 feet! Even yesterday on a mgmnt area and a waterfowl area, the birds held tight. I firmly believe it's because we rarely say a word to the dogs. I think the birds can handle the 'crunchy' footfalls in the snow, but not voices.

On a side note, if you ever stay in the Milbank area, drive over to a restaurant named SoDak Shores. It's on Big Stone Lake. Order their seasoned rib-eye. By far, the best rib-eye I've ever had and in the top couple of steaks I've ever eaten. I've been to all the steak houses in the cities, and this put those $50 steak to shame! Also in Clark, go to Mike's Time out bar... fantastic Prime Rib! One of the better restaurant cuts of prime rib that I've had in a long time.

As usual, the folks in SoDak were as gracious as always, we even spent the morning having coffee and fresh out of the oven carmel rolls at one of the farmers houses. Also, don't be afraid to knock on doors this time of year... you may be surprised on what land you can get on. Especially when you are out of the pheasant belt...

Good Luck!


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Dude, do you know how to use the emoticons?  It's always good to use one of these when making a Joke!  🙂 😀 😅 😂  😉
    • All deer in SE MN need to be wiped out.  90% herd reduction isn't going to stop the disease.  It is wreckless and stupid to do any less.  The whole state herd is going to go in the toilet if the SE guys don't get on the triggers and get their situation under control.  This talk of us vs the deer farms is a stupid smokescreen designed to try to take the focus off private land owners that don't want to cooperate with the mitigation plan.       Anything less will set the stage for CWD to roll hard to the north and get into the big woods where there will be zero chance of ever finding every deer.   
    • Gettin er done.    I have to take the "T" that the transducer pipe goes through to work so I can open the ID so the pipe can slide freely. 
    • I have a couple Garmin units for my boat. I'm going to also use one for ice fishing. Got it powered up and started playing with the colors schemes I'd like to use. The only one I like so far is with a blue background. But what I found that I like better is the black background the humminbird uses. Maybe Garmin could do an update to add a black mode. Lol. 
    • How do you keep those solid whole covers from freezing over the hole?
    • The ant moat idea seems interesting.  Go to a second had store or a Goodwill type of place and see if you can find a Bundt pan.  Use that and see how things work out.  
    • Could you be a little more specific on this cocktail timing deal? Size matters! 😏  
    • I have been doing whole prime rib on a weber grill since I was 20 years old and they cost 2.99 lb at the long ago defunct Country Club Market in St. Paul. I put the coals on each side for indirect heat and add salt and pepper and garlic. For the garlic I put the fat side up and take a knife and put holes into the fat down to meat. In each hole I put a garlic clove. I don't add any pellets or wood chips for smoke. I just want to taste that beef cooked in owns fat with a few spices but go ahead and add some smoke to it if that is what you want.
    • The storm last weekend  has moved the birds into the heavy duty winter cover. We had pretty good hunting in the cattails the last couple of days. Perfect weather helped.
    • In my humblest of opinions the simpler the better for prime rib.   Take it out of the refrigerator, salt (kosher) the entire piece and let stand until it's at room temp. Stick it into your smoker/oven at 450-500 degrees until crusted (about 1 cocktail). Lower heat to 325. Have a least 3 cocktails before poking it with a thermometer. Remove once internal temp is 120. Let rest for at least 1 more cocktail Cut and serve with horseradish.