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12/31 walk in the woods

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Here are a few pics from a walk in the woods on 12/31 while it was still snowing a bit up here in Chisholm. The snow in the tree and brush and the fact that it was still snowing gave everything a kinda surreal look to it.











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Upnorth I really like the way you captured the snow. I wish that I could have gone out and played grin.gifIn Deer River all we got was rain and when I went back to Carlton I realized where all the snow was that they were talking about when driving down hwy 2. Carlton only got 2 inchs frown.gif

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These are really good pics and show the snowfall beautifully. Check to see if your camera has exposure compensation. When shooting snow, you need to bump up your exposure by at least a stop. This will make your snow look white instead of grey.

God Bless,

Tom W

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upnorth, if you aren't able to get those settings on your camera, a very small amount of post processing can take out the gray tone with no problem if it's something you don't want in the photo. There are several ways to do it. You can brighten the whole photo. That's one way. The way I generally do it is to go to levels and pull the highlights slider over from the right toward the left, which takes color out of the highlights. I'd be more specific, but different pp programs offer different specific options on how to adjust the levels.

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