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Do you Tell the truth???


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How many of you really tell the truth when someone asks you where the fish are biteing????? I can say most of the time I do. I just don't give the whole story (If there is one to give). Is that still lieing? grin.gif

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Depends who I am talking to. If I am talking to someone who is truthful to me, then yes, and we have a understanding that it isn't passed to his buddy and his buddy etc. With others I may say, " I got some on Round, but nothing to write home about." Even though I may have been on Round and caught some 9-10" bluegills. Not lying, just limiting information.

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Usually not the whole story. If its someone I fish with alot yes. Most guys that ask will never tell if they are. One time had guys fishing around the shack, though they felt pretty dumb when we came out!!!

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I ALWAYS tell the truth. I don't care if anyone else knows where I've been catching fish. I might not go as far as giving them the GPS coordinates, but if they asked, I would probably give that to them too. The only problem with this, is most of "my" spots aren't that good! grin.gif Maybe that's why I don't mind telling people?

The only exeption would be before a tournament. I still wouldn't lie, I would just tell them I can't say where I was catching my fish.

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Why he11 yes I always tell the truth about where I've been fishing, I never lie, would I schmidt you? grin.gif

Yes, I lie all the time..I'm a dirty rotten low life liar and there is not a shred of truth in any of this! Now, does that make ME a liar? I've confused myself...am I is, or is I ain't? grin.gif

I seldom give up the goods...the lake maybe...if it's big enough. The spot on spot, never...you know what happens when that occurs, especially with lakes closer to the city.

But, but, can you believe me...that is the question! grin.gif

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Depends on who they are and wether or not giving them my spots could cost me money down the line. Around tourney time Im pretty tight lipped. Any other time Im pretty open. In the winter I really dont care too much but still make the people do some work to catch fish.

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There are a few on here that I wholly trust with telling them the lake, the exact spot, depth, presentation, everything. Probably only 3 FM'ers of which one has replied to this post. smirk.gif For these few people, I will actually send them a copy of the lake showing exactly where I caught fish.

I'm usually not the one catching the fish though. I'm usually the one doing the fishing (truth!). However, what success I do have, I usually don't have a problem saying what lake, what depth, what presentation, what structure. I just won't give out the exact spot on the lake. In the overall picture, this type of information is more useful than the spot I caught the fish. The same spot the next day could hold nothing, but similar structure, similar depth and similar presentation could still produce on other parts of a lake.

So, do I tell the truth? Yes, absolutely, but depending on who you are, the information could be limited.

And on the flip-side, if I don't catch fish, I will at times let everyone know where I didn't catch anything, allowing them to not waste their time searching out dead areas.

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All fishermen(women) are liars.

If they disagree, then they are lying to your face! grin.gif

I am in the "Omitting" camp, myself. I'll usually help a guy out a bit, but there sure aren't a lot of people helping me out wink.gif.

I research here, on maps, on lakes, basically do my homework and hate to just give it away.

I do try to pay it forward, though; Catholic Karma and all.

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I have different Grades...

Perfect example... This last weekend I spent 3 days in a sleeper on Mille Lacs...

As we were coming off, the guy who was straight up living in the shack next to us came up and asked how we'd been doing...

I gave him the 100% truth... What's he going to do move his shack 3 feet from mine!

He loaded up and headed into town, as my partner and I dilly dallied loading up our gear. Another guy came up... Not really wearing great gear... Pulling a portable behind him, and had a logo on his hat that told me he was from Rochester.

He saw our bucket of Jumbo's, and asked "What are they biting on and where?"

I told him "We were in 17 feet of water, using a Mixed bag of minnows."

Which is totally true... But I omited the little hump and drop off that we had set up the house just off of, and I also didn't mention the 24, 26 and 27 inch Walleye that we caught.

Then just as I was climbing out of my bibs to get into the truck an older guy came over to me his hat had a logo for a shop in Onamia on it... He asked me... "Is everyone over at XYZ... Or are they still biting at (He described exactly where our house was sitting."

So I gave him the whole truth (Since he already knows the spot) But also added... "They bridged the pressure ridge yesterday to get out to XYZ, and I heard some serious bragging going on from the guys I know who crossed it."

Which was also the truth...

So I kind of have different degrees for Rookies, Locals and Neighbors, and admitedly a grade for Friends.

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To only a few people (very few), I tell the truth. Otherwise, I rarely do. Find your own fish. I have had too many spots ruined by the "word getting out". I deal with people all day and fishing is my "alone" time.

I am so bad that I won't put a house on my favorite unknown spots for more than a few days.

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