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Dog ate a turkey


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On Christmas day my dog snuck over to the neighbors and at about 10 lbs of cooked turkey that was boned and sitting outside cooling off. I wasn't around so my brother made her puke alot of it up.... Now she still isn't feeling so hot....she definetly has a case of the squirts! she seems a little lethagic, but she was running around with some other dogs. Anybody have an ideas on what to do? I have limited her food and been making sure she drinks a lot of water. I haven't seen any blood coming out of either end, so I think that is a good sign. I am going to call the vet today to see what they say. I don't think she ate any bones since the turkey was boned...although she did start to carry the carcus back from the neighbors. Thanks for any suggestions

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give your dog some cooked white rice to stop the diarrhea also some lean pedigree caned dog food would help. Low fat diets help their digestive system faster. Watch for blood like you've been doing because the small bones in a turkey could cut the internal intestines if broken up wrong. If you see blood get the dog to the vet right away for some antibiotics and medication to heal the intestine. good luck


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