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Just a (Contact Us Please) - anybody else?


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OK - I've had one of those days - Today I was out on the lake - one of the first times of the year - started the auger, sounded good, let it run a few minutes, then bamb! it died. Tried again, dies, again, dies, again, dies.... didn't know what was going on. Took it home, replaced it with new fuel (again), then a light switch...... I forgot to adjust the valve on the gas cap for air.......If there wasn't anybody watching this, I could probably get away with it, but I just need to post what a year can do to a guy.

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Don't despair, think about traveling for 4 hours to a remote lake location, just to find out you forgot the boat plug.

Spend 2 hours finding a dealer, then after you buy another one find the spare you had in the truck.....

Wasted almost the whole day, not much fishing after that.....

Being there done that...now get back out there and get those crappies, we are waiting for a report !!!!! AND YOU BETTER BRING SOMETHING !!!! wink.gif

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I'm not even sure I should even admit this, but since we are sharing... smile.gif

I had 2 small jobs to do on my pickup the other day, 1 was to change the oil and 2 was to replace my daytime running lights as one was burnt out. I stopped by Wal-Mart and picked up my 6 quarts (1) 1 quart + (1) 5 quart of Mobil One synthetic. I also picked up a couple new light bulbs.

When I got home, I started with changing out the daytime running lights. If anyone has done this on a GMC, you have to remove the entire grille to get at the back of the daytime running lights. The job went simple enough and I put the front end back together.

I then went to change the oil and realized I was missing my $25 jug of Mobile One. Searched all over the place and then realized I left it at the Wal-Mart check out. Called Wal-Mart and they confirmed they had it at the customer service counter. So another trip to Wal-Mart and I finally have my oil.

Once back at home, I went to open the hood and realized I couldn't get my hand in to flip the latch under the hood. I looked at the grille and figured I must have screwed something up when I reassembled the front end and now the grille was not aligned right and was preventing me from unlatching the hood.

So, a bunch of cuss words are now flying as I'm looking for a screwdriver that I can wedge in there to try and trip the latch. Nothing was working and I was getting irate! I had dad come and take a look at it. I explained the problem to him and he started to play around with the screwdriver to get the latch to trip.

After about another 10 minutes of monkeying around, he asked me if I popped the hood latch inside the cab.

Doh! Problem solved!

It happens.

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I can beat that one...

Needed to move my fish house about 20 feet tonight. Keep in mind, I have a jack on the tongue of the house, a 600 Sportsman parked 15 feet away, a Suburban parked 30 feet away...

No...I decide to grab the tongue of the house and pull it. The next thing I know, a terrible pain shoots through my lower back, and I am flat on the ground.

My wife...(a Pedeatric Practitioner) gave me some type of horse pills...3 hours later...I am finally able to sit up straight.

What an screw up mad.gif

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That was a great story and I think you are correct that it does help to talk about those special events that happen to us every so often so you can forget about them and move on.

About your GMC daytime running light. I thought I had helped a guy from work replace his a while back and we just removed the complete head lamp assembly by pulling two long metal pins from their retaining clips up and out and made access to the daytime running light after the head lamp was removed. I only hope that I'm mistaken or your story could be getting a little better.

My story isn't that good but I could tell you about changing the Air filter, two fuel filters and the 15qts. of oil on my 1-ton Ford two days ago. I'm glad I came home early from fishing to get it done. It's quite the treat.

Take care,

Tom (BD110)

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Hanson...Yes, yes it does! The multi-tasking thing is great, but the more irons you have in the fire, the easier it is to just plain over look something simple.

And, get this....the older you get, the more it happens...I myself over looked a small item about 8 months ago...I forgot to put on my blinker when I made a turn!

First time in oh, say 10 years that I over looked something....can ya beat that? grin.gif

Just kidding...10 minutes is more like it! grin.gif

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When my dad got his motors replaced on his boat back in '94, we took the rig to the lake to try them out for the first time. Tried and tried and tried starting the 75hp motor and nothing. Finally dad realized he forgot to pump the bulb on the tank. Pumped the bulb until it was hard, cranked up the motor, it fired, tried taking off and it bogged and killed. Off comes the motor cover, spark plugs out, checking out the fuel filter, etc etc for a good 20 - 30 minutes (along with the customary cuss words). smirk.gif Only to find out in the end that the gas tank was sitting on the gas hose. blush.gif Hollared and hooted a little zipping around the lake after that. Quite a difference between a 50hp and 75hp motor on a 16' boat!

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up at deer camp a buddy of mine was giving another guy dump about forgetting his gun the year before after about a hour of this every one decided to head out to their stands, well the guy that was giving out the dump went walking down the trail after about 50 or so yards he realised that he forgot his gun and everyone let him know it every night at camp that year and at work.

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Well since we are sharing our "I can't believe I'm repeating this" stories, I thought I'd share mine. Last year I bought a demo Artic Cat TRV 500. 10 miles on it. It only came with one key (the smart one's here know were this is going). I brought it home, I towed it home with my yukon, drove it around the yard and put it in the garage to go to work. Unhooked the trailer and drove the Yukon to work.

Came home, went to show the wife the key....yup..no key. Tore the house apart. Even blamed the key for tossing the key around like a top. We had to meet people on ML the next morning at 1100. Called a local dealer, they said sure we can get a key, just give us the number off of the ignition switch. So I've driven this thing about 500 meters so far and already I'm tearing it apart. So off to the dealer I go with my code in hand. They advise me that they can have a key for me in about 4 days. (Artic cat doesn't let dealers cut keys anymore). So I ask them my options. Hot wire it, but run the risk of destroying the electrical system or buy a whole new switch, which they gladly sold me for 80 bucks. So home I go, tear the wheeler apart even more to get to the connector side of the switch. OK, wheeler is running, hook up the trailer and on the bumper of the Yukon is the key. Now mind you I drove this back and forth to work the evening before.

So moral of the story is, if anyone needs an ignition switch for a 2005 Artic Cat, look me up.


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