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Merry Christmas to all my Friends and there Families!

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Thanks for letting me share a bit of your lives and your families. You know who you are and I am blessed. Enjoy your holiday and here's to you. Merry Christmas brothers!

Cold's coming starting Wednesday, let's hope it sticks.

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Merry Christmas to all, and a safe and bountiful New year.

Maybe Santa didn't bring the ice like we asked for Christmas. Maybe he has just been busy bringing us all our nice warm gloves and fishing poles that we all needed.

I say we all jump in his sleigh and ride to The North Pole, there has to be a few inches of ice there.

:-) TO Tim

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Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday! Had a nice day here. GF and I did presents this am. Spent the day and evening with rest of family. Off to her parents tonite and tomorrow.

Picked up a digital trail camera and a camcorder from santa. Will be getting some hunting, fishing, and gardening video soon....

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Bring on the garden video!!! On second thought . . . film the deer . . . Merry Christmas to all . . . fish are still biting . . . may you all find a Frenzy or two in your stocking . . . well for those that don't find a lump of coal!!!! See you all on the ice, have faith, it will arrive.

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Merry Christmas to CNY Tim and all of his friends. New to this board, but I know a few of you. CNY, met you a couple of seasons ago while I was walking my dog in the winter entrance section of Delta. Also ran into you a couple of times on Oneida - I believe you convinced me to try the rainbow trout pattern of the forage minnow. Fished the jumbo perch pond last year and saw you and the crew north of where we were fishing. Was gonna work my way up to you guys to say hello but never made it up that far. Met one of the other Tims (fishingking)in the area we were fishing and fished with him. Learned a couple of new tricks in catching shallow water jumbos from him - thanks again for the tips fishingking. Know one thing - when someone named Tim tells you something about fishing you better listen.

Hopefully we will get safe ice in the not too distant future. Don't know how Oneida may get this year, but if it doesn't take ice soon, there may not be any walleyes left in it the way you guys have hammered them.

Had a tough year health wise and had open heart surgery in September. Couldn't do any fall fishing because of that but at least I got to follow your adventures thanks to this forum. Hope to make it out on the ice this year and see some of you out there.

Happy Holidays.

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Merry Christmas everyone!! Santa didn't bring me any cold temps yet, but tomorrow it is supposed to start!! By the end of the day, we may have up to 7" of snow here in W NYgrin.gifgrin.gif


Take care and have a great 2007!!!

John, Tracy, Andrew (Little Andy Ice) and Emily

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Merry Christmas Tim & the rest of you.

Dad & I went up to Lake of the Woods Christmas Eve and pounded the walleyes like you wouldn't believe. You know the walleyes are biting when you can't keep up fishing 2 lines. smile.gif

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Dark Cloud - Gardening videos?? grin.gif Nice..

Franky - Stick with the walleyes bud there's more of em than those four legged pedestrians smile.gif

Dave C is that you??? how the heck are you... Longtime buddy, too long. Yep we have a couple of guys that had there plumbing rerouted and there doing great, hope your mending nicely too. The rainbow trout gig man I haven't done that in a while , a matter of fact can't recall when Oneida had decent ice, LOL.. Z put me on that deal and the way things look Oneida may not be on the list except maybe edgewater for eyes. Hope not, miss that lake... I'll be poking around the winter entrance on Delta hopefully soon, that place can be a good indicator for me on what lakes may be close to fishable and it's close to work for me to check. You'll have to check in with us on the diner deal on Saturday morings whe we do C, although I plan on spendng some time with the king down there this winter looking for a mixed bag wink.gif I'll call you this week Dave to catch up..

Johnny - I would have posted that pic with Andrew and Santa that's an instant classic that's identical to Amanda's first trip to the big fellas lap... grin.gif

Chris - Well I'm glad someone has ice for Christmas and to spend it with Pop's don't get any better than that, throw in a slamfest and you got a memory that will last forever, well done.

Had an excellent Christmas dinner at Rosa's Mom's and a bit of wine to wash it all down. Great day to be with the family. Let's wish for som cold boys and continue the fall slaughter into spring. Merry Christmas brothers.

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Gee what a surprise to find a Marcum LX5 left by Santa under the tree . . .hmmm how did he know?? Can you believe Al called Christmas eve and wanted to know what time I was going over . . .it was tempting but had to go to a party and partake of the scotch (too much) and mix it with wine (bad move). Have not heard how Al made out. I do know that people were still catching them (at the right time) . . . waders with the pale Frenzy . . . now who would that be??? Lee and I just watched, well yeah we did cast a few . . .

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    • Speaking of birds. Here is a grouse that was out along the side of the driveway this afternoon. I am getting ready to go out and look for the northern nights. I missed them last night.
    • turkeys on the left..swans to the right.........sounds like a tune i heard a bunch of times!!!!!!!!😆
    • Mostly sunny for us but yah a few to the north.   Turkeys on the right and swans on the left though.  Just starting to pour in for the night.   Too bad the phone wants to focus on the foreground too much, even after touching the screen where I wanted it focused.  Just a nice night anyway.
    • yup same here, looking cloudy now
    • Hoping we can see a bit of em tonight.  We don’t get the alerts - just the pics from the night before.  If we don’t get tipped off, we miss out.  Early to bed, early to rise types.
    • Nice!   I started getting alerts on my phone early last night. I thought about driving north but passed on it because I needed to be up early this morning. Turns out I could have taken a 10 minute drive to Bde Maka Ska to see them. They were everywhere last night.
    • 👍 dont miss or you;ll stick that mailbox!!!!!😆   monday nigth i was driving back from St CLOUD at dusk, right by Rockville there were 6-7 deer walking 2 abreast down the grant in aid snowmobile that runs in the ditch!!!!! looked pretty cool. bet there plain tired of the deep snow!!!!!!
    • Out checking lake landings for some ice fishing and found a new Bow spot for next fall!  7 of them all in a line coming down a dirt road. And 3 more eating on a bare hill side. 
    • My daughter just texted and said they were awesome up in Alexandria. Cant see anything here in Arizona.
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