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Half a buck (pic included)

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This was from this afternoon in our back yard. The deer have slowly started to filter in here, even though there's only four inches of snow on the ground. They were coming and going all afternoon, probably because we're expecting some snow tonght. Well, not much snow.

This guy was one I photographed last year at our feeder, when he was an 8-pointer. Now a 10-pointer, as you can see. Couple more years and he'll have quite a nice rack, especially if it gains some spread. You can't tell from this shot, since he's shed one antler, but he's perfectly symmetrical.

I didn't harvest a single deer during gun season, my bow is sitting right inside the back door, and our window is 7 feet from the feeder. Our back yard turns into woods that are unbroken down to Shagawa Lake. Oh, and I have an all-season license. Can you say t-e-m-p-t-a-t-i-o-n? He's big-bodied, too.

Sigh. Just can't do it. Wouldn't be fair chase. Meanwhile, we like having deer in the yard.

Canon 20D, Canon 100-400L IS at 400mm, iso400, 1/60 at f5.6, handheld


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Depends on whether there's an oridinance in Ely aginst shooting a bow inside the city limits.

No I think its the bait that's the problem. COOL picture though! Can't believe he's shed a side already! Boy that's early.

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Geez, lawdog, in the heat of the moment I forgot all about the no-baiting law. Yikes! blush.gif

We have one other buck who already has lost both his antlers, and a six-by-six just came in today with both his. I think they're just shedding. That can happen in December.

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