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Best movie beat-down fight scene?


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I saw this list recently, and I can't really give it any props, because it didn't include some of my favorites.

•The Narrator vs. himself in “Fight Club” (1999)

•Mickey O’Neil vs. Horace “Goodnight” Anderson in “Snatch” (2000)

•Clubber Lang vs. Rocky Balboa in “Rocky III” (1982)

•Stoker Thompson vs. Tiger Wilson in “The Set-Up” (1949)

•Jake LaMotta vs. Sugar Ray Robinson in “Raging Bull” (1980)

•Michael “Midge” Kelly vs. Johnny Dunne in “Champion” (1949)

•Butch Coolidge vs. Floyd Wilson in “Pulp Fiction” (1994)

•Tommy McCoy vs. Johnny Martin in “Killer McCoy” (1947)

•Maggie Fitzgerald vs. Billie ‘The Blue Bear’ in “Million Dollar Baby” (2004)

•Ivan Drago vs. Apollo Creed in “Rocky IV” (1985)

Some of my favorites include;

James Gandolfini vs. Patricia Arquette, in True Romance.

The fight scene in Cool Hand Luke.

Chingachgook beating the snot out of Magua.

Since it's Christmas, we need to aknowledge Ralphie and the cathartic beatdown he administered to Scutt Fargas.

But the all time best beat-down fight scene occured in They Live. cool.gifcool.gifcool.gif

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Butch VS Floyd in Pulp Fiction????? There was no scene for that fight- it was heard on the radio in the taxi, and that was about it. Great movie though, I would like to add another Tarantino flick- Kill Bill. Uma VS Darryl Hannah. or Uma VS like 500 Japanese swordsmen. Another one- Cool Hand Luke. Newman VS Kennedy

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