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Open Water 2006 Reports Part II

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Oh Big Johnny you are so right smile.gif Slam it was but old school was the flavor for last nights trip to the shores of the Oneida Lake Eye Factory grin.gif

Let me start off by saying the bar limit was accomplished by 9:30 p.m. and Joe caught The fattest 25" walleye I have ever sceen this thing was so thick and deep it was frightening. Dave and has bro had there limits before anyone else from the right side of the penninsula (Dark Clouds' Corner) Out Front left Larry caught his limit and he had a slammer 23". I picked off one on the left on a silver/black Challenger Junior Minnow and when Dave vacated the right I slid in by DC's tree and had 2 in 20 minutes all on a #8 X-Rap Blue/Silver, (I knew DC would like that). We fished around the bar for additional 30 min. and headed to the real bar and had some cold beers and wings which were very good. Oooops I forgot Franky caught two keepers on his Black/Silver Frenzy and Donny missed a couple. After the bar I decided to take a drive solo as Franky was going hunting in the morning and I saw, two cars at Schnibs as I rolled by, as I went over the bridge I saw a guy on the Northeast side of the pier and I went down to see if anything was going on and he said he was there for an hour and caught only one 17". So with the wind still whipping 10-15 mph I said well let me hit the bridge area for a few shot's to try to double before I went home....

Boy did I make the right call there! It was stupid fishing, First cast I had a bump and when I set the hook right into a log on the drop off so there goes my rogue mad.gif There were two guys to the right so I didn't want to infringe on there #7 black/silver shad rap slaughter so I tied on a firecracker Kalin 5" grub with a BFishN 1/4 oz. head and let's just say, that's all I needed, long casts and dropping it just before the ledge and Whammo. The pace was fast and furious from 12:30 a.m. till 2 a.m. and that's when when Donny and Shaun showed up so, forearm exhausted smile.gif I begrudgingly grin.gif stuck it out with the boys around till 3 a.m...

I left fish and didn't care, it was an absolute blast just hammering pike left and right. I lost count around 31 shocked.gif

The last time I remember it this hot was about 4 years ago when we caught 3 fish on 3 casts. Everything worked Yozuri's, Shallow Shad Raps, X-Raps, plastics you name it it was just a fun night.

Keep that in mind when the wind is outrageous out of Northwest, the bridge can be your only salvation wink.gif

Insurance Guy - Sounds great and the shore lunch of chili is worth the trip alone. smile.gif Can't wait to meet you and Rob, see you at 1 p.m.

Dark Cloud - Good luck to you and Tank on the Susky tomorrow.

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Awesome report, Tim, as usual. I just got home from work with 52 hours this week. Nuts. I am getting tired of working long hours. The good thing is that this winter we are looking at a slow period, so work shouldn't impact my ice fishing endeavors.

I wish I was there with you, but as I read your report, I felt like I was. grin.gif

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Johnny will get em ice fishing bro you know that. grin.gif Hey I am back on with the camera bypassing the Kodak software. I just have to take the memory card out and load it until we rectify the problem. Here'a picture of the ones I caught earlier in the week...


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Nice job Timmy! We had a good day. The fish were a little picky but we caught fifteen to twenty 12-15 inchers. Picked 4 keepers, two 16's, a 17, and I got one just shy of 2 ft. Also got 3 big perch a few sheephead, and a couple of small crappie. A beutifull day on the water, 60 degrees and little wind. Started raining as we were leaving at 2:30...


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Looks like a barge canal walleye with sore on it, that's a dang nice fish. You guys had a great day on the eyes compared to what we did with three guys...

The walleyes on Darago were few and far between. We got out on the water around 1 ish and fished till 7 p.m. and it rained most of the time. Fished with Insurance Guy and Robb and we scratched 7 keepers and a nice perch. I caught a throw back as well. We did a little jigging, casting, lead core handlining, planer boards and the like and just didn't get many strikes, we had a 1/2 dozen or so short hits too. I caught all my keepers on the ghost minnow size 10 X-Rap. John's chili was a fantastic break at 3:30 p.m. we needed it cause that's when the rain startiing falling. I'm pretty impressed with the Strikemaster Ice Sensation parka and bibs. I wore the suit and even though it soaked in and got heavy I just got a little wet around the ankles and the top section of my leg about the size of a softball. Not to bad for a water resistant shell.

As always I had a great time and met a good friend in John and Rob. we had chips and some sour apple twizzler snacks to keep us fueled.

Looking forward to hitting the hard water with these guys this winter too it was fun smile.gif

Johnny brought his camera so we have some picture he will add shortly.

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That's a heck of a nice picture there Darkcloud. Good looking fish and the Susky usually doesn't let you down this time of year if the water conditions are decent. Had a great time fishing with you Tim and glad we could finally hook up to go. You're welcome aboard the boat anytime. I'll be back down there a few more times yet and maybe we can get back out there one more night before iceup. If we hit the right night there and the fish want to play, lookout ooo.gif Here's a couple pics from yesterday. Timmy with a nice one!


Our take for the day.


If we had nabbed those darn short strikers we would have had a few more but the fish weren't really committing to the strike yesterday. Just kind of taking a poke and bumping it and not giving it the full treatment. Maybe next time wink.gif I'm taking the Lund back out later today to do some "research" at a local lake that has some nice walleyes and use my aquaview and sonar to map out some more new areas and see if I can find where those buggers are hiding cool.gif

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Decided to hit the bar tonight @ 5 and had my limit by 6. Had great company with CNY Tim, CNY Outdoorsman, Rack, CNY Bruce. The Challenger minnmow black and silver was good for me. Managed to land 11 by the time everyone had their limits. Always great to see everyone and hear the GIVE EM ROOM BRODIE.There were a few 22's and a 23 1/2 taken this evening. What great fun it was.

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I left the Browns Backers meeting with some peers in me celebrating the victory over the Falcons when I got a call from North Shore at the bar and the report was hot! He had two keepers and by the time I got there he had 3. Jeffrey was down and broght home his limit. Larry and Mike pictured below had there's. CNY Bruce and Rack left with there limit and Fishin Phil and Tommy on the right side caught 5 between them. North Shore led the bar with 11 caught and I was right behind him with 10. I limited out in an hour and just spent the rest of the time b.s.ing and landing an occasional fish wink.gif

Here's ome picks of North Shore, Mike and myself. Challenger Minnows and Juniors took almost all of the 30 fish tonight. Wish the rest of you guys could have been there, it was absolutely smoking.

North Shore with a limit...


North Shore with a couple of dandies


Mike with a limit...


Mike with a couple beauties..


Yours truly with a couple..


Me with a 21.5"


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you guys are still killing them. I finnally made it out around here for some walleye slaying this evening ended up with 4 keepers 17", 20" 21" and 22" along with 3 additional good hits/misses.

Contact your Specialist for appropriate photo conduct, Thank you..

"Timmy sorry bud... no blood and they have to be in a natural environment, sorry man, they were pretty!"

Hopefully Sunday evening on my way back from Rochester I will beable to swing by Oneida and get a few of them Beauties. Once again WTG smile.gif

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"too committed" this weekend . . .poor excuse I know. . . heading to San Diego for the week and will most likely be at the bar around 8 when I land in 'Cuse. Of course the rods are in the Tahoe!!! Tim thanks for the heads up but did not listen to my voicemail until this mornig frown.gif Tim I think the pictures you have labneled as Tom are "Mike" Good luck this week. I'll be stuck playing golf in 70+ degree weather.

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Franky come back safe and thanks for the heads up, Phil and Tommy called while I was on my way home that's where I got Tommy from indeed it was Mike. Will keep the walleyes company for you until you return. Big Johnny and CNY Bruce called me this morning. Big Johnny is looking to come east for an evening to partake in debauchery. It's been another great fall of fishing on Oneida.

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Franky just got done polishing off a plate full of some sweet tasting eyes, added some of North Shores deep fried mushrooms and some mozzarella sticks for Amanda. I can't even move...

I got my order from Fish 307 for some of those big jointed Challenger Minnows, can't wait to see if they like that snake like action. wink.gif Unfortunately like you said the weather is not to good but tonight should be perfect but I need a break. Just got my Cabela's sale flyer today and they have shallow Shad Raps for $4.99, not to shabby but no size 11's frown.gif That fire perch with the orange belly does look hot...

Talking with Phil he's done well this fall with Bass Pro Lazer Eye Minnows he said so far he's caught like 115 eyes this fall cool.gif

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Kyle is having log in problems and here is his report... Thanks Kyle.


Limited out last night in about 2 hours...my 3 were caught in a 45 min burst around 10:00 - 10:45, bridge left. You were right color didn't matter...all 3 were on a different color...

1 clown smithwick

2 gold/black smithwick

3 blue/yellow rapala

Went to the bar and nothing was happening there early on, around 9ish, so I moved to the bridge. About 10 were caught while I was there, then around 11:00 they shut right down.

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Just got off the phone with North Shore, Marion Manor has Challengers for only $4.75 for the juniors and the same exact price for the larger minnows and just $5.75 for the jointed minnow. That's the lowest price I have seen North Shore thanks for passing it along to the boys... By the way they have a great selection as well.

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Just filled another box with challengers. Never have enough tackle. Great selection at a great price. The bar was full as was the bridge. Schniebels had 3 cars and the lake had a slight chop. Water was quite muddy at Schniebels as the water is continuing to rise with this rain. No bar hopping last night but it may happen shortly. Daughter has basketball tryouts till 7 so it will be after that. Will report later. smirk.gif

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North Shore made the call at 10:15 p.m. and the call was "Rogers get your butt down here I have my limit" So off I headed for the 20 min. dash to Oneida and arrived at 10:35 p.m and had my limit by 11:05. North Shore was on a solid tear and I bet he caught at least 7 or so while I was there and here are the pics of part 1 of the run...

Again Challenger Jr. Minnows were the call and we probably missed 50% of the fish that hit between the time I got there till 11:30 p.m. when we left with our limits...

North Shore...


Part 1 take...


And myself with a fatty..


Part 2 - Met up with Don for the 2nd run after midnight and the bar was dead? confused.gif After 5 or so short hits and North Shore losing one it was enough for him and he packed it in.

Don and I proceeded to Schnibs and I talked to a couple of guys that had 5 keepers caught and were looking for there 6th and they decided to hang it up because it had slowed and left. They told me they were hitting better earlier on white twisters. Anyhow we stayed there for an hour and Don was the only one to catch fish and he nailed two with #10 blue/silver X-Rap. I tried many plugs and jigs but to no avail. So Donny and I stopped at the Sav-On for a coffee break and on to Godrey we went. Here's Donnie with one of his from Shnibs...


Donny went home after we stopped at Godfrey as the water was way low as we glassed the area and there were just a couple eyes glowing so I decided I was gonna hit the bar one last time before I went home. Well on the way I stopped under the bridge and through BFishN jigs and 5" K grubs in firecracker and almost immediately I was into eyes and fished the double and landed another limit.

Timmy with one that sucked down a grub...


And here's two more all on Firecracker K- Grubs. Caught 9 fish total on the second run.


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So I had a repeat last night at the bridge! Limited out in about 40min this time, good thing cuz that west wind was screamin down the canal, it was cold. Was using 8lbs fireline this time needless to say didnt loose any lures. I was using a pink minnow....real men use pink right Frankie!

So after the 3rd fish 2 guys came over and started throwing right out infront of me, over me, mad.gif...the most unsportsman like garbage Ive seen in ahwile...Kept my cool, suprisingly (think Im turning over a new leaf) Last year I would have thumped um...but hey it happens, there are always people like that in any sport....part of life

Fishing's good, lovin this mild weather!

-tight lines

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That's why you didn't call me back...playing hookey again...LOL. I picked up some Challenger Minnows at our Rochester Gander Mountain on sale for 15% off. Hopefully I got the right colors....got Jrs and Minnows and some of the suspended ones too. Don't know if you guys use them on the big O, but at 15% off, I bought some.. They are a tad shorter then the minnow series coming in at 4 3/8". Looking forward to coming up this Monday....of course after a Steelers win over the Browns. grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif

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