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Gas/Oil leak in 55 Suzuki

Jared from Savage


I have a 95 Suzuki 55 horse outboard. Something does not seem right, even though the motor runs OK when it is warmed up.

When I even step onto my boat (before I start it), I get an immediate gas slick surrounding the boat, just from the rocking of the boat. I replaced the gas line connector, but that didn't solve the problem. It seems as if the gas is coming from the exhaust by the propeller. When I started it last night there were a few oil droplets coming from the exhaust output as well. Is that normal?

The boat idles OK, not great but OK. It runs well once it is warmed up. It does hick-up (miss a beat) at 5100 RPM's (full throttle), but if I back off to 4800 or so it runs smooth. It seems to be tearing through gas right and left, though.

Any ideas?

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Theres a few reasons why you see a sheen of oil in the water. If theres a strong gas smell then its raw gas coming from a dripping carb. Your carburetor has a float and bowl. When the gas gets to a certain hight it shuts the gas flow off via the inlet valve. When you tip the motor up the float isn't floating and the inlet valve lets more gas into the bowl. That extra gas runs out the over flow. Or your inlet valve is a little dirty and isn't shutting the gas off completely. It could also be just a little unburnt gas thats dripping out the exhaust.

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