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Tore my Hustler



I've got a Hustler prop that has seen relatively little use.

Last weekend, I think I gouged it through a stump. put a tear in the prop that extends about 1/2" from tip of blade towards center. It also bent the prop at the tear so that it's about 1/8" offset at the tip of blade.

Now, the purpose of Hustler's is to make replacement easy, and to make the prop housing cheap so you can replace instead of repair.

Wondering...would it be worth trying to find someone just to tap this thing back into shape and tag weld it? Or maybe just attempt to bend it myself and not weld at all?

I have to say... the original prop on my 40 Mariner went for years taking all kinds of hits and dings. Never, even when striking rock, did get this damaged in one hit deal. Makes me wonder if the Hustler's are not just cheap to replace, but also aren't a great grade of aluminum.

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This is why I am debating not to get one. My original Michigan wheel prop can take hits with very little damage.

Straight from there site: Hustlers are the first Aluminum propellers to incorporate the new design features used in today's premier stainless steel propellers resulting in a level of performance that other old-design Aluminum props just can't match.

Hustlers will run with most stock stainless steel props and wont' blow out every time you change course.

Hustler propellers are protected by our exclusive PointGuard metallic silver, corrosion-combating finish. This identifiable rich look has the appeal of the more costly stainless steel props.

The exclusive patented MasterGuard Hub System keeps you on water for less. Should the Turning Point Propeller housing be damaged, you need only to replace the housing for approx. the cost of repair - and you can do it yourself in minutes without delay.

You can use a higher pitch propeller housing for top-end speed, fuel-efficient cruising, or just as quickly take advantage of a lower pitch prop for water sport activities.

Michigan Wheel will not offer a new prop, already are, called Vortex. Same deal as the hustler, damage the prop, only cost $50 to replace. This prop is cupped more and will offer better handling than the originals.

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