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Outboard motor question.



I recently inherited a boat with a Johnson 40HP VRO motor. It's not running right; I suspect it's a simple thing but I'm at a loss right now, and figured I'd ask around.

Basic scenario:
Fresh gas, connected right, pumped up (oil reservoir also).
Battery charged and cranking.

When I turn the key (push it in, which I think is the choke; lift the throttle lever) it cranks, catches, revs up .. and dies after about two seconds.

If I do it again, same story .. it catches and quits, catches and quits (after a few times the battery runs down, of course).

Can anyone tell me the simple thing I've forgotten?


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Your carbs are probably dirty or gummed up.
Connect hose to motor to cool it off.
Get a SeaFoam bottle and put half of it in the gas tank.
Try to push in switch, which will activate choke (you'll hear "click" from motor), start it still holding key in, and keep choking it while it's running, if it start running then tries to die, keep pushing choke in, give it gas, and try to keep it running pushing choke key in and out, you'll get the hang of it, until it runs by itself.

Run it for a while this way, being sure water hose stays on and motor gets cooled properly.

You will have to clean carbs, or have them cleaned, if they are gummed up they might create a Lean condition on some cylinders, and will damage motor in the long run.

Val Vignati

[email protected]

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