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Corroded graph connections



The connection terminal I plug my graph into has been getting corroded with the blue-powder type gunk in one of the tiny little pin terminal holes.

How do I clean this? I bought some spray on electrical connector fluid that is supposed to work it's way in to clean and then evaporate, and it did improve the performance of the graph, but I still have visible corrosion and I can't get anything in there and I'm not sure I want too. I'm pretty sure I shouldn't.

It became a problem this weekend when it would just suddenly shut off. It still does it now and then even after using this stuff.

Any wisdom out there?

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2dalake, those small connection contacts like the ones on some graphs are very hard to clean once corroded.
Not only are they small they're delicate. A small wire like a bread twisted works to clean them out with some electrical cleaner. Work the wire around and flush out the gunk with the cleaner.
Those connection leads are brass and its hard to keep them from corroding with the best of care. Disconnecting the power leads when not in use helps with the corrosion.
Folks are finding the same problems with the plugs for their trolling motor foot pedals.
I wish the industry would take a hard look at those tiny contacts and do something to alleviate this problem.

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Try using a blast of compressed air, if you have an air compresser. Carbon tetrachloride might work if you can get your hands on any. Perhaps a lens brush. Those bristles are very soft.

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