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Cool New Prodcuts from MuckBoots Online

Dennis Steele


I recently received a couple cool products from Muck boots online to test out, that I think guys might find use full.I was excited to see them as a sponsor of FM. I already had heard of how good Muckboots are.I was a professional race horse groom a few years back and they are very popular with the horsemen crowd, and always thought they would be a great product for the sportsman, so I asked if I could try some of their products.

The first is a pair of Muck Boots.

I got the Muckmaster boots. They are over the calf height and found them to be nice for wading along the shore and launching the boat at the muddy access I deal with along the MN River. The tread pattern gives you great traction yet does not get clogged up with mud .When I push my boat out from the muddy shore a few sloshes back and forth in the water clears the mud right off. I really like that. Its no fun fishing in a boat that has mud all over the floor. I can deal with a little fish slime. grin.gif The thing I like about them the most is they are really comfortable, unlike the old rubber boots I have . They have a cushy insole that is kind of springy and easy to walk in. A guy would have no problem walking all day in these boots. All though they are designed to be warm, my feet did not get too hot in the all rubber and neoprene construction. My feet sweat a lot and was impressed that the airmesh lining kept my feet from getting soaked with sweat. They are made from a neoprene fabric with real rubber 3/4 of the way up the boot .I think these will be very durable. I scrubbed the out side on some rock to see how they would hold up and if the soles would wear easily. It looks like they will hold up well as it didn’t mark up the rubber nor did the neoprene get snagged.
I believe these tough and very comfortable boots are going to be a hit with the outdoors man.

I also received a Bug Off jacket.

The mosquitos are not in full force yet but I think that this jacket with a fully enclose able hood will be very effective against those annoying little blood suckers. I am looking forward to putting it to a real test in the comming weeks. In the Mn River bottoms where I fish the skeeters are very thick. Remember that Off commercial from the 70's with the guy in the tent full of skeeters? There is that many and your not in a tent!!With all the rain we have had in the past week I am sure they will be out in full force soon.
I never liked using bug spray as it makes my skin feel hot. The BugOff jacket has a very fine mesh that will keep the bugs out yet will still allow air in and out so you can stay cool on those hot nights .Its very loose fitting and does not stick to your skin,so I think it will do a great job keeping those pests off. Come on skeeters, do your best! smile.gif

Check out the great products at Muckboots Online

Minnesota River Guided Fishing
[email protected]
NPAA #863

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These boots are sweet!

With hunting and hard water season just around the corner I thought I'd bump this back up.
I got a hold of a pair of Field Master Muck Boots this summer. These are the most comfortable boots I've owned.
Heres the description of the lining:

"The Field master™ is the finest waterproof sport boot in its class. Constructed with a premium breathable Airmesh™ lining and protective self-insulating CR flex-foam bootie, the Field master™ offers a comfort range of 75°F to -20°F."
I'm not kidding your going to love sliding your feet into these boots.
This boot won't slop around on your foot.
They hug your feet without pinching your foots pressure points.
Combine that with being light weight, sturdy and rated to -20 degrees. These boots will be my on my feet during all my Grouse, Turkey and Deer hunts.
I've already slipped the ice cleats over the boots to test them out for early ice fishing. Being warm and 100% waterproof they'll be a treat for bad slush conditions as well.
Mid winter sub temps for ice fishing and snowmobiling I'm looking at Muck Boot's Artic Sport with a rating of 40º F and -40º F to replace my heavy mickey mouse boots.

Dennis I have the Buzz-Off suit as well. I know some guys are looking for a bug suit for bear and early deer season. However mine isn't camo. I'll see if they offer it in camo.

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If you wear camo under the Buzz Offv it will appear as a camo suit. great for protection form mosquitos, black flies and other biting insects.

I'll tell you what, those Muckboots are also more than I expected. I like to wear a pair of poly socks with a pair of wool socks over them. Vary the thickness of the wool for the temp. They were comfortable from 30-68 degrees for me. These babies are wtaerproof and breathable Airmesh Lining TM.

Dear and bear hunters will love them. If you have a tendency to get your feet wet form time to time, they're awesome for anglers as well! (especially river anglers).

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those look real sweet. i've been looking for a good boot to replace my heavy ice kings during the hardwater/late fall hunting seasons. i'm looking at the arctic sports do you think they will get cold when you are sitting?, how do you think they would have done last year on the deer opener?. brrrrr.

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