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More Help with my 1998 Evinrude



Well, I changed out my impeller friday night and with the help of a clymer's manual and a friend who has done a few impellers in the past...it really wasn't an overly challanging job! (and the impeller was shot!)

Anyway, with changing the impeller, the amount of water flowing out of the "pee hole" or whatever it's called...isn't what I remember. Also, the question I have is there is a rubber exit gasket on the back of my motor just below the cowl. Looks as though some exhaust may exit here? I am having water come out that too.

What is that rubber exit for? I think an excess of water is coming out that way...should it be? What would be causing it? Could pieces of my impeller be plugging the "pee hole?"

and last but certainly not least...if this is a big problem......anyone know of someone around the Albertville area that is great with Evinrude Outboard motors? (I work in Plymouth)

Thanks everyone, and if I need to explaing anything more, let me know...but explain in dummy terms...I am an accountant, not a mechanic! wink.gif

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Water out of the that rubber gasket thingy on back is normal (atleast my boat has always done this). Not sure what it's for, but water does come out it too. Can't help you with anything else, sorry.

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