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It's Funny, the way that works.

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So last ice season, I managed a total of 2 outings. Once at first ice, and a trip on new years to URL for some fantastic slab fishing.

This season, I have bested that already, with 3 total outings, and more soon to come.

Amazing what happens when a fella doesn't have a wife anymore, eh'?

Crappies have come fairly easy so far for me this ice season.

27 feet of water has been the key on 2 of the lakes I fish, while 17 feet of water was the producer on another body of water.

The fish have all come on jigging spoons tipped with a maggot or two.

I like 2 colors of maggots myself. Red and white.

I usually will put a red and white one on. Kinda Christmasy I guess you could say.

I'd use green, but the fish don't seem to take to it so well. And I don't mind. Never cared much for split pea soup myself.

Soon I will be planning a trip to URL, and checking to see if the Crappies still roam in the winter.

Maybe even a stray off the path to LOW for some Walleyes this year too...I think I will explore.

Maybe some of us will meet on the lake this year, and exchange stories and laughs over a chilled beverage of your choice.

Whatever the case is, I certainly know one thing is for sure: It is great to be fishing again!

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gimme a buzz (952-892-5315) sometime id love someone to go fishing with. have you ever heard of crystal lake in burnsville?

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Well I have heard of it. Never fished it.

I'm kinda old, so I don't get around like I used to.

dag nab it

I got a decent spot in the western metro right now. I better get out there this weekend.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Fishhousesupply.com in Buffalo MN
    • Nice win last night with Kepler & Schoop doing the heavy lifting. Some tough but good work done by the bullpen too.  Yanks beat the Indians as well.👍
    • Nice bag of fish there Duff!   I was out for about an hour and a half last night and managed 9 bites; 4 bass and 5 pike.  Only 1 bass and 2 pike made it to the boat though.  Horrible conversion rate.   The bite is still on reaction baits for me.  Buzz bait, spinner bait, rattle bait, jerk bait.  Nothing on plastic which is usually my go to.  It’s been weird with all the short bites lately.  I’ve had very few fish that have crushed the bait.  Earlier I figured it was a food thing - they were just too well fed.  I’m hoping that’s still the case cuz those bass have DEEP bodies on ‘em.  I’m starting to wonder though if the pressure is getting to them.  We’ve had a noticeable uptick of new fisher people in the area.   The side action: Had a couple turkeys glide by and up to their roost next to me about 10 minutes after watching a nice 10 pointer stand up out his bed.  Yawn, stretch, [PoorWordUsage] and watch me fish for bit before wandering off to feed.  Bad photo but better n nuthin.  
    • I like the walnut one.   Crack the shell, add some water, wrap it in a wet paper towel, it germinates, keep in a sunny area, and then they show these magic walnuts.     I think they left out about 15 years.  LOL.
    • Finally, had a decent day.......or shall I say hour. Last week was a bust, one 3ish fish in 4 hours. I target bigger fish, so just avoiding the skunk can be challenging some days.   Just let out the hound and had a smirk appear on my face, I see It's full moon out there. That always helps. Got out on the water at 3:00 today, missed 3 out of 4 bites right away.   Changed up my retrieval speed and cadence and it was on..........for a few minutes. All my action occurred within the first hour of my four hour stint.   4 cookie cutter bass....... 3.87 lb 3.94 lb 4.12 lb 4.16 lb   Spot on spot, the two 4's were back to back. I'm running cranks.   Good luck out there. The Fattening is coming up soon.    
    • Thanks guys I will look into them.
    • No but he knows how to PM me next time! 😉
    • No leftovers???🤔 leech was over wasn't he!😂
    • A couple small chuck eyes seared and put off to the side,  taters , shrooms and a quick sear on bacon wrapped asparagus.. dang it , no leftovers!!
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