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Need help with Johnson 2hp

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Anybody with any information that can possibly help, please reply.

I have a 1983 2hp Johnson. Upon initially changing the lower unit oil this past week for my spring tune up, I found the oil to be contaminated. I changed out both the inside seals (as there are only two) as well as the rubber o-ring for the prop housing. I also put thread tape on the only lower unit plug (plug for oil fill)just in case and changed the oil again of course. After doing all this, I ran the motor tonight for about 5 minutes, then checked to see if the oil was contaminated; well, it sure as heck was.

I'm looking for any suggestions that a person may have to where water is infiltrating my lower unit at. I'm mechanically inclined, but when It comes to outboards, I'm in the dark. I'm pretty sure the lower unit isn't cracked anywhere, but not sure on how to check if its possible that there's a hairline crack in it.

Thanks in advance,


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Stephen, have you checked water pump seals ?

There should be some on driveshaft, when it goes through water pump, usually just below pump housing.

Since you just used motor for 5 minutes after oil change, it's got to be a significant leak somewhere, if you changed all seals on lower end, water pump area is only place that could infiltrate.

Val Vignati

[email protected]

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